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Cat breeds – Karelian Bobtail Longhair

Cat breeds – Karelian Bobtail Longhair The Karelian Bobtail Longhair belongs to a Russian breed, whose character distinguishes a healthy mix of serenity and activity. She has a remarkably short tail. The Karelian Bobtail Longhair cat is medium in size, well proportioned and has medium long, strong legs. Their hind legs are longer than the […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Japanese Bobtail Longhair

Cat breeds – Japanese Bobtail Longhair The Japanese Bobtail Longhair cat has a remarkably short tail and a hopping gait like a rabbit. The friendly, intelligent cat from Japan is considered to be affectionate and moderately active. The Japanese Bobtail Longhair is a medium sized, slender cat with a muscular physique and an average weight […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – American Shorthair

Cat breeds – American Shorthair The American Shorthair breed has evolved from European domestic cats were introduced to North America developed. The family cat is slightly larger than their relatives and has dense fur. The strong American Shorthair is medium in size and stocky, medium-length legs with round paws. It has a broad head with […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Munchkin Short Hair

Cat breeds – Munchkin Short Hair The first Munchkin Shorthair was found in 1983 in Louisiana. The cat stands out with its extremely short, dachshund-like legs and is considered a very friendly cat with even temperament. The typical appearance of small breed Munchkin Shorthair is caused by a gene mutation. Your body is strong, the […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Munchkin Longhair

Cat breeds – Munchkin Longhair The European Munchkin Longhair cat falls due to their extremely short legs, giving it a cat atypical appearance. The rare cat is considered quiet and cozy animal. The Little Munchkin Longhair is between 2.5 and 4 kg and, awake, lively eyes. Her beautiful coat is long and shiny and can […] Continue reading →


Bengal Bengal (lat. Prionailurus (Felis) bengalensis), and the Far East, or the leopard cat – feline species of the subfamily of small cats. Bengal cats are found in South and East Asia. Their size is the size of a domestic cat, and on their huge habitat they are found in a variety of colors. History […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Chausie

Cat breeds – Chausie The Chausie is half wild half domestic cat: Their breed originated from a cross between a female and a male house cat jungle cat. The race is officially recognized since 1995. The Chausie has clearly inherited her looks from the wildcat. The medium sized cat has an athletic, elegant body with […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Spyhnx Cat

Cat breeds – Spyhnx Cat The Sphynx cat belongs to a Canadian nude cat breed that is caused by a mutation. It owes its name to its resemblance to the Egyptian Sphinx figure. The most striking feature of the Sphynx cat is almost hide her body loose. By breeding the Sphynx cat, it should also […] Continue reading →

American Wirehair cat

American Wirehair cat The breed is bred in the 60s of last century. Ancestors haired cats considered American Shorthair breed. Type of wool produced in the course of natural mutation. This is due to a change in its structure in the genes. After receiving the breed breeders in North America and Europe intently studying their […] Continue reading →

Skotishfold – Scottish Fold

Skotishfold – Scottish Fold Scottish Fold – British Shorthair cat type, but with the characteristic structure of the ears, which are folded forward and down. The characteristic structure of the ears, cats betrayed unusual and very attractive appearance, which struck people and came up against the establishment of the new breed. History Scottish Fold or […] Continue reading →