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Cat breeds – American Bobtail Short Hair

Cat breeds – American Bobtail Short Hair The American Bobtail Shorthair cat belongs to a relatively new American breed that really stand out for its short tail. She has a fluffy coat and is regarded as playful and fond of children. The tail of American Bobtail Shorthair is only about one third as long as […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – American Curl Longhair

Cat breeds – American Curl Longhair The American Curl Longhair belongs to a young breed from the United States, characterized by its curled ears. Their representatives are considered active, intelligent and sociable family pets. The American Curl Longhair is a medium sized cat with an elongated, elegant physique. It belongs to the very heavy breeds: […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Toyger

Cat breeds – Toyger The Toyger is a member of a domestic cat breed that was specifically bred to look like a mini-Tigers out. The puss in big cats look comes from the United States. The word “Toyger” consists of the English word “toy” together for toys and the pet name “Tiger”. The pet is […] Continue reading →

What does a pregnant cat?

What does a pregnant cat? – Allcatsnames A pregnant cat has special needs. How can you meet these, and what the expectant mother cat needs, click here. Make your pregnant cat especially space and tranquility. Silence is one of the most important things that needs a pregnant cat. Too much hustle stresses the feline friend […] Continue reading →

Are cat fleas transferable to humans?

Are names”>cat fleas transferable to humans? – Allcatsnames Cat fleas are looking specifically preferably a house cat as a host, but generally they are not very picky. Therefore, the parasites are also transferable to humans. Caution: Cat fleas are also transferable to humans. You are a plague that not only infest your cat but also […] Continue reading →

Chartreuse cat (Cartesian or French blue)

Chartreuse cat (Cartesian or French blue) French charm and beauty are the main features of this breed, shorthair fairly large and representative yarkoglazaya cat world. The history of the breed The first mention of French blue cats found in the 16th century. It is believed that they are descended from Syrian cats imported to Europe […] Continue reading →

Pixie-Bob cat

Pixie-Bob cat Pixie-Bob (pixie-bob) – a mysterious cat from American legends. Mentions of cat Elf we find in the works of Ernest Hemingway, and in the works of many other American writers. The history of the breed Pixie-Bob In fact, Pixie-Bob – a legendary American breed of cats, a relatively young among the recognized breeds, […] Continue reading →

Korat cat

Korat cat Korat, very beautiful breed of cat with nice hair and amazing eyes. This breed of shorthaired Asian origin, where it was formed for a long time. History His name, they take the name of one of the provinces of Thailand. There they are called “B Savate”, which means “fruit savate”, t. To. Color […] Continue reading →

Mainxe cat (Mankskaya taillessness)

Mainxe cat (Mankskaya taillessness) The unique appearance of the mind. Manx cats are affectionate, good catch mice, love children and get along well with dogs. Do not like to be ignored, need grooming. History From the first tailless cat got on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea is still unknown. According to some […] Continue reading →

Megkonsky Bobtail cat

Megkonsky Bobtail cat The cat small size, with color, similar to Siamese, and tapered, docked tail. Former Thai Bobtail breed name. Adding these cats are very harmonious – they have good muscle development, it is inherent harmony and grace. Character is very similar to the dogs. About the breed megkonsky bobtail This breed is one […] Continue reading →