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Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cat Russian blue cat – a very elegant and beautiful cat. Her green eyes and silver hair, draw attention to it, and the magnificent and calm disposition, fall in love you in this cat forever. These cats are very friendly and independent at the same time. What makes them great household and at […] Continue reading →

Cat breeds – Seychellois Short Hair

Cat breeds – Seychellois Short Hair The Seychellois Shorthair is a gentle, elegant cat with the drawing of a Siamese cat. The lively, playful feline friend is known for her sensitive, highly intelligent beings and their curiosity. The Seychellois Shorthair cat has a slender, supple figure and an average weight of 4 kg. Her body […] Continue reading →

Peterbald (Petersburg bald cat)

Peterbald (Petersburg bald cat) Peterbalds look very elegant, slender and they have a very distinctive head shape: long and narrow, with a straight profile, almond-shaped eyes and large ears divorced in hand. Ideal representatives of the breed look like besshёrstnye oriental cats. Peterbalds usually have good character, they are friendly, curious, intelligent and very active. […] Continue reading →

Cats castration. Why it is important for animal welfare

Cats castration: Why it is important for animal welfare – Allcatsnames Die timely cats castration is considered an important contribution to animal protection. The recommended addition to animal welfare organizations such as PETA and the Federal Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons (BTK). But why? The main reasons can be found here. Same chance for everyone: Cat […] Continue reading →

Siberian cat (Neva Masquerade)

Siberian cat (Neva Masquerade) The Siberian cat – a cat that has no unique features, but the cat is still the most popular breeds. Perhaps the attraction is hidden in hypoallergenic. Although varied color, fineness and well-built figure cats, and even more unique, make this a favorite of many cat houses. History For the first […] Continue reading →

Balinese (Balinese) cat

Balinese (Balinese) cat Balinese breed taking its roots in Siamese cats, but it has its own peculiar charm, due to the beautiful long hair. The high mobility of these animals always attracts the attention of everyone around. History Comes from shorthaired Siamese cats, purebred litters in which at the beginning of the 30s began to […] Continue reading →

Too fat cat? How to recognize obesity

Too fat cat? How to recognize obesity – Allcatsnames Being overweight is very unhealthy for cats. To find out more anxious than cat owners, whether you have too thick a cat at home, but the scale is not always the most reliable means. Much better judgment and feeling – what to look for, click here […] Continue reading →