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The beautiful and extravagant cat, the cat draws all its unique views and a variety of colors. Gentle nature makes people fall in love with it once and for all.

The history of the breed of cat tempra

asian tabby Asian group is represented by five species of cats. Asian smooth color (Asian Self), Burmilla (Burmilla), smoky Asian (Asian Smoke), tempra (Asian Tabby), Tiffany (Tiffanie).
All these breed were derived from two source rocks: Chinchilla Persian and Burmese cats.
This group has both a long-haired cats and shorthair.
Asian Tabby – Shorthair. And she began its history in England in the 80 years of the 20 th century. Officially rocks

Black and white cat names

asian tabby

Cat breeds – Munchkin Longhair

and tempra recognition in 1990.

The temperament and characteristics tempra

The Asian Tabby is very similar to other members of their species luchsheh. She is smart, active, loves to play. She has a very friendly disposition.
Great for living in an apartment. On the other pets get along well. But enforced solitude not confuse cat.
One of the main advantages is the acumen Aziats

Coy tabby.

asian tabby Caring for Species Asian Tabby

tempra different innate nobility. Therefore, caring for them is quite simple. Because the cat itself is very neat and maintained.
For this cat would be the ideal condition for a large family. Where to eat and with whom to play and whom pomurlykat.

Coloring fur tempra

Mackerel or tiger skin – picture vertically band
Spotted – drawing spots of different diameter
Sheyded – classics of the genre – marble pattern
Abissinskiy – no pattern on the body, but with an ornament on the face
Coloring tail or stripes on it is called color tabby
The primary colors has a gradation from pale gray to tan.

Features tempra

asian tabby This breed has a strong chest, normal-sized trunk and very aristocratic rounded paws. Tail tempra not very long and tapers passing the tip. Almost no undercoat. But she is not thick coat and short enough to overflowing. Big cat ears, aspirations forward.
His eyes tabby deep, rounded, raised far. The lower eyelid has a shape of a semicircle and a straight upper fort. Eyes can be any color from light yellow to amber nasyscheno-.
These Asian cats are quite diverse in color. Most cats breed tempra very funny, kind and active.

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