Thai cats

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Thai cats

Most people confuse breed Siamese cats with Thai, assuming that all cats with black face and paws and blue eyes belong to the Siamese breed, but in fact it is the belief erroneous. Thai was incorporated in 1990 as a Russian aboriginal breed, ie rocks formed naturally in the CIS.

Provenance Thai

thai cats The first representatives of these cats have been known to people for many hundreds of years ago. Numerous images of the ancestors of the Thais are stored in Bangkok National Laboratory, and they are dated XIV century. Originating on the Asian part of the Eurasian continent, the representatives of this breed appeared in Europe, and from there came to the American continent and. Because of its exotic species, these cats have gained wide popularity among breeders and gradually from one generation to the breed gained great sophistication and shapes aristocratic appearance.
Most of these cats have gained in popularity and in Russia. In gratitude for the generous gift (200 Siamese cats) Nicholas II singled whole Honor Guard to protect the palace of the King of Siam. However, due to the fact that professional breeders of cats appeared in Russia only in the 80s of XX century, the breed there is not much evolved, retaining the original features.
Same standard of the breed was established only in 1990. Then the cats belonging to it were called Thai (Siam since by that time had been renamed in Thailand). At the moment, this breed is open. In other words, any animal that has passed a thorough inspection of the commission and may receive a certificate, with which a particular cat or kitten will be referred to the representatives of the Thai breed.

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The breed standard Thai

thai They are slender physique. These cats give the impression of lightness and grace. However, with the above characteristics can not be called Thais frail animals: their muscles should be normal development, because this breed cats love to run and strongly prefer all kinds of games. They are elegant, slender limbs, proportionate to the body. The head is rounded, the tips of the ears are directed slightly to the side. Eyes blue, transparent, and very attentive, resemble grain almond. Color, which often have representatives of this breed is called color-pointovy as paws, tail and muzzle they have a color different from that in which the body is painted. And the main color becomes darker with age (sometimes white, it goes into chestnut). Due to improper mating in the past in some modern birds color on the feet can not be of uniform stain darker hue, and how would diverge stripes. Coat without undercoat, smooth and soft to the touch.

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Colors breed Thai

thai Some colors Point and the primary colors in color:
Chocolate point – Chocolate Point – When the body painted in ivory Point milky, warm, gentle tone. Nose leather and paw pads light brown.
Vlue point – Blue Point – When the body is white with a blue tint Point blue-gray color. Overall color cool tone. Nose leather and paw pads color dark gray color.
Cream point – Cream Point – When the white color of body cream and beige Point. Valid light stripes on the Point. Ears and paw pads pink, they are allowed small specks slightly different hue.
Tortie point – Tortie Point – Color resembles a turtle. Maybe as a combination of shades of black with red and black colors with a cream (light red). Most often peculiar to cats.
Lilac point – Lilac Point – When a cold white body color even more cold shade of gray points. Nose leather and paw pads pink shade.
Fawn point – Fawn Point – When a white body color point light pink color. Nose leather and paw pads may be different shades of pink.
Red point – Red Point – When a white body color bright red with gold shimmer Point. Allowed, but not encouraged, light stripes on the locations of points. Nose and paw pads are pink, perhaps with “frecklesĀ».
A few words about choosing a kitten, do not be afraid of uniform color. Point occur most often after only two years. But too bright portions of wool should not be, it is unacceptable for this breed. Just unacceptable strongly pronounced squint. The tail should also be straight, without kinks, and other irregularities. And of course in any case we can not forget about vaccinations.

Character breed Thai

thai Cats, like people, are different. Some immediately release the claws, once they feel the slightest encroachment on their independence. Other rub themselves on people’s feet, clearly demanding attention. But Thai cat is undeniable intellectuals cat world. Because of this, to predict their behavior is very difficult. They are always on your mind and take the time to devote to personal secrets of others. At the same time they like to follow all the events in the house, and without a twinge of conscience will get in the way, because without their active participation can not do anything and should not happen. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or watching TV, nothing is left unattended and will be closely monitored pet.
Enthusiastically preparing to play with a favorite toy, chasing her around the house. However, they very cleverly wielded legs, there is even such animals who manage to have actively using the forelegs. It looks very unusual and interesting. In addition, many cats of this breed easily open the doors themselves. Thais readily trainable, they always like to learn something new and useful.
They are very loyal to their masters. For them at the door to greet the household is common. In this Thai not deem it shameful to ask at the hands pourchat and once again express meow joy over the return of the person. The representatives of this breed are not afraid of closed spaces, but do not close the door in front of them, a cat-Thai, which somewhere not allowed immediately expresses dissatisfaction loud cries and gnashing of bone carving. This wonderful companion animals that will not leave you in any trouble, nor sorrow, nor sickness (the owner stands sick and Thai literally dwell on the bed, like small lumps of love and care of a loved one warming).
Sweethearts children Thai cats meet the kids return warm feeling. Do not harbor malice, if the child is rambunctious and comes on the tail drags mustache etc. Carta although better still would not allow. As mentioned earlier, the Thais love to be aware of everything happening within the walls of the house, so they come out perfect nanny. If you live with a representative of this breed can be sure that even if you break alarm you and your children will be woken caring animals.

Care breed Thai

thai They are quite undemanding in care. They love to walk, as the company owner, and alone, so Thais easily accustom to caroling on a leash. Plant these cats need to advance to tighten the net on the window to an active and curious animals inadvertently crippled. To have a pet hair with color-Pointed darkened coloration not need to keep it in a cool place (here it is worth remembering that the darker color on the paws, muzzle and tail due to both their time away from the main mass of the body, and as a consequence of exposure to lower temperatures; So it turns out that their stay in a cold room full of cats fur darkens, and it is not permissible according to the standards). Just do not often feed Thais liver and seafood, it can also help to change color. So if you’re going to put your Thai exhibition, to better reflect the above two moments. In addition to maintaining a healthy appearance should periodically passes through the cat’s fur with a wet hand.
Generally Thais live relatively long and lifelong dedication to preserve the owner, especially if he has complied with all the conditions necessary for the proper care.

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