The Brazilian Shorthair cat

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The Brazilian Shorthair cat

More young breed, which appeared on the horizon, cat lovers in the recent past – a Brazilian Shorthair. The primary coil of the breed was at the end of the 20th century.

History of Brazilian Shorthair.

brazilian shorthair The Brazilian Shorthair is another example of selection, which was engaged in nature itself, and reached this excellent result.
People are quick to appreciate the excellent health of the cat, pleasant nature and excellent appearance. In 1994, the Brazilian Shorthair recognized WCF. But in those years, the cat has been merged into a common view with European Shorthair and called Celtic Shorthair. But by 2000, the Brazilian Shorthair singled out as a separate breed.

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Features Brazilian Shorthair

brazilian shorthair Brazilian Shorthair – a small animal size and broad boned, long head and oval eyes and thick, rather short fur.
This cat breed is very trusting and very attached to people. Cats are playful, kind, brave and savvy. Loneliness is bad for the Brazilian Shorthair – Cat becomes closed and cautious.

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This cat is very elegant and can charm anyone for its exquisite eyes.
But without special home care Brazilian Shorthair not show you all of its beauty and attractiveness.
Strong, muscled Brazilian Shorthair has a large head and almond eyes dilated. Fur is soft and dense. The colors do not have standards.

The nature of the Brazilian Shorthair.

The cat is undoubtedly kind and sympathetic. But it is only in the event that she is not alone. Brazilian Shorthair, abandoned to their fate, angry with the people and try to avoid them.
The habits and skills evolve cat throughout its life path. The owner of a god and an idol for these cats.
Brazilian Shorthair good hunting. Especially prized these cats and their natural intelligence activity.
Feature Brazilian Shorthair cat is her native habits. Cats are soft and welcoming, sociable and adventurous. Not afraid to be in the spotlight, but always prefer one person. Especially cats appreciate kindness. The main thing to remember this and do not forget to pay attention to the cat. Neglect of this cat breed itself carries very painful. Brazilian Shorthair love to walk and run around in the fresh air. In a good family, this cat will take pride of place a general favorite. Brazilians still very teachable and raising cats will not be problematic.

Care Brazilian Shorthair.

Unlike rocks, specially displayed for a beautiful color or fur, Brazilian Shorthair deduced based on the very nature of survival of the fittest. Therefore, her health is different strength and resistance against diseases. Certainly, these cats get sick sometimes, but it happens very rarely.
Care Brazilian Shorthair is very simple. Once a week, it is desirable to wipe the eyes and ears with a cotton swab dipped in a solution of boric acid or the cooled green tea. It is also necessary sometimes to clean cat teeth. Sometimes you can povychesyvat wool, especially in periods of molting. In specialty pet stores sell toothpaste for cats that prevent the accumulation of hair in the stomach.

brazilian shorthair Standards Brazilian Shorthair

Colour: any except the color in which the body is light and the dark hair only on the muzzle, paws and tail.

The trunk is not large, aristocratic, strong

Feet: graceful, not long

Tail thins towards the bottom, not long

The head is not big, resembles a wedge

Ears: large tassels, senior

Eyes: Large, round, wide-set, the color should be in harmony with the color

fur, thick, dense, not long, soft undercoat without

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