This results in obesity in cats

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Obesity in cats occurs when the Stubentiger more energy reserves anfuttert than he can consume through exercise and thereby attaches fat. Here it is often the man in this unbalanced ratio of debt – albeit unconsciously…

This results in obesity in cats
The man is often the cause of obesity in cats.

Before you examine your own behavior, you should be presented with your obese cat to the vet. Obesity can also occur due to illness, for example, by a malfunctioning thyroid. Can the vet rule out a health reason, you should first check how often, with what and when to feed your pet.

A common cause of obesity: Improper diet

wrong food can make you fat. A high fat and sugar content in combination with low-quality ingredients and a low meat content of the diet is a common cause of obesity. Even worse are permanent Treat gifts between or even feeding of food from the table.

Many cat owners do not pay close attention to the feeding recommendations are made on the cans and bags feed their pets, and count given a treat not to. Chuck is used to reward and consolation, for example, if the owner was a long road. In addition, many game requests from the Samtpfote be misunderstood as begging for food and paid accordingly – is best, nothing to get used to it


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Due to lack of exercise cats are too fat

cats who rarely or never go out, often have too little exercise options and bored. If indoor cats are not animated by play opportunities, and a variety of fitness conspecifics, threatens a dangerous cycle: The cat is on the increase and becomes even lazier.

Anyone who wants to keep his cat so lean and fit, and want to protect them from unhealthy overweight, running at a healthy combination of good cat food and plenty of exercise is best!