Thus, a bite wound in cats treated

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Thus, a bite wound in cats treated – Allcatsnames

How the treatment of a bite wound in cats looks, then decide what extent has the injury. Try to move your injured Stubentiger as quickly as possible to a veterinarian, cleans the wound first and then provides an accurate diagnosis.

Thus, a bite wound in cats treated
At the vet, the bite wound is first studied in detail.

First of all, the vet examined how deep and how hard is the bite of the little Jonah. Is it only superficially, or muscles, tendons, bones and even organs injured? If the wound is dirty or infected? All these factors are very important to ensure that a wound can be optimally supplied, without that the injury pulls late consequences.

Treatment of mild bite

Very well, if you have visited the vet as soon as possible, because the probability that the wound has already ignited, is relatively low. In order to continue there is no inflammation, veterinary examined now seemingly minor injuries, whether they are not yet deeper than thought – because that would be dangerous.

After investigation of the veterinary cleans minor injuries thoroughly and carefully in order to disinfect them then – this is very important so be of minor injuries not severe inflammation or disease. If the wound is not deep, the self-healing powers of the cat do the rest, and after a few days can be seen from the wound usually nothing more.

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For more severe injuries

Deeper wounds need stitches and in very severe cases it may also be that your house cat needs surgery. A several days administered antibiotic helps to fight bacteria and prevent inflammation. In cases of severe inflammation possible abscesses must be removed, otherwise can cause blood poisoning.