Tiffany cat breed

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Tiffany cat breed

Tiffany – a cat of medium size with a fairly muscular body. This breed of semi-longhair cats, derived from the Siamese.

The history of the breed

tiffany cat breed tiffany cat breed One of the representatives of the Burmese cat is a semi-longhair breed Tiffany. The first mention of the appearance of the breed dates back to 1967 year. Two cats, Thomas and Shirley color of chocolate and golden eyes were purchased in New York. In 1969 Shirley doused six kittens, as two drops of water similar to the parents. Especially attracted attention precisely color – saturated color of dark chocolate. Jenny Robinson, owner of cats, intrigued by their pets, she has developed a standard and registered in the ACA Shirley Thomas and kittens, calling foreign longhaired breed.
The hypothesis that the ancestors of Thomas and Shirley are the Burmese cat, has been recognized by the majority of experts in this region. Sadzhin Lund, one of the experts from Florida, conducted an experiment Burmese cat crossed with one of the cats from the progeny of Thomas and Shirley. That she called this breed Tiffany. However, since the number of representatives of the breed Tiffany was very little ASA delayed their recognition and made a proposal to believe that this is one of the options bumrmanskoy breed. As a result of this new, unique breed was actually lost. Around the same time, Canadian breeders to preserve the breed Tiffany left offspring of long-haired cat chocolate and a domestic cat. Due to the fact that there was a new gene pool has been obtained an opportunity to revive the breed, and, among other things, had the chance to bring the various colors and patterns that were previously not peculiar breed.

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tiffany cat breed Externally very similar to Tiffany Shorthair Burmese. Build them small and muscular. The head is almost identical to the standard Burmese, but the shape is more rounded, and with a pronounced stop. Eyes are set well apart, are quite large, yellow-golden color. Ears of medium size, facing forward, widely spaced and with rounded ends. The coat without undercoat, soft to the touch, along the length of the average, to her paunch shade becomes lighter. The representatives of this breed are gentle, loyal friend, attached to his master and remain faithful to him. Now, this breed is becoming more and more popular, finding admirers around the world, although still considered a small and rare breed.

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The nature of the breed

tiffany cat breed Tiffany is a very interesting character, which perfectly match the serenity and balance with active and playful.
The representative of the breed can win the heart of any satisfy even the most discerning cat lover. They are ideal for large families or for a single person. Are they Persian manners – like sprucing up, and very often settling in the mirror, and having fun lying on bed. However, it may well wake habits Burmese and she will want to run and play.
Also, they are extremely intelligent and love to all the family members of the owner. They will wait at the door of their masters, with tenderness to meet them, demanding the return affection and attention.
They are obedient, easy to learn, and do not bother people whims. If you treat her with tenderness, to reckon with her personality and show love, she will answer you devotion, affection and will give a wonderful friend, able to calm and lift your mood.

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