Tips. How to prevent ticks in cats

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Who wants to protect his feline friend from infectious diseases, should prevent ticks in cats. For this you need your cat does not even prohibit the free passage: periodic monitoring, various preparations, and these tips can help against the parasite .

Tips: How to prevent ticks in cats
Preventing ticks in cats: Examine the fur of your Freigängers regularly.

If your outdoor cat cat wanders through the tall grass, it happened quickly: One or more ticks land on the cats fur and set off on the search for an appropriate skin site for blood. If you want to prevent ticks in cats, therefore, is an important tip: Check your dog thoroughly for the parasite.

For this to have a proper bite site found, it may take some time. To get the arachnids often even before they could put their bite. Is it already too late, you should remove the ticks in cats.

regions with increased disease-risk

Discover regularly a number of ticks in the fur of your cat, it is a useful tip to minimize the risk of tick bites on. This is particularly important in such areas where the risk of Lyme disease infection is particularly high, such as in large parts of southern Germany or smaller parts of eastern Germany.

With these funds you can remove ticks in cats Tips: How to prevent ticks in cats

Tip: With preparations ticks in cats prevent

Find out whether your home is in such a region from your veterinarian or family doctor. Suitable preparations for cat against ticks you get either directly to the vet or at the pharmacy. Important Tip: The agent should explicitly contain the hint that it protects against tick bites. If you want to prevent ticks in cats, a drug against insect bites is not always enough, because some of these are to fight especially cats fleas. Ideal are so-called spot-on preparations that you sprinkle on the neck of your feline friend and spread itself over the entire skin.

Tip: The agent is also less dangerous than a cat collar, which are intended to prevent ticks in cats: For in this there is a danger that your favorite will hang on branches when straying in nature and injured.