To combat obesity in cats

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To combat obesity in cats – Allcatsnames

Obesity in cats should be taken as soon as possible in attack, because too fat cat lives a very unhealthy in the long run. In addition to healthy cats diet of cat owners often need a few little tricks to use to bring its cozy lounge lizards in flashes.

To combat obesity in cats
Being overweight is unhealthy for cats and restricts it enormously.

When a cat is to be put on a diet, it is important that the veterinarian first excludes health reasons for the predominance of feline friend. He holds a sensible diet, it can give home owners the special food or diet advice if necessary. He will also discuss dimensionally accurate feeding recommendations with him, because is very important, the cat is not now suddenly change to zero diet!

With high-quality food in moderation against obesity

What a chubby house cat needs to lose weight, is a good, balanced diet low in fat and sugar, high meat content and valuable additives. Ask him to slow it. First, you should always mix a little of it with some of his normal food. The proportion of new food should be getting bigger, until the cat has finally accustomed, and only needs the new food. This slow change is important so that the cat is not the same deterred by possible incompatibilities entirely on the new diet food.

Games and movement takes Treats

Weigh your cat off to keep the lining of the diet under control. Treats and other gifts that scored between previously by the moppelige Samtpfote should disappear first time, or to be developed (in moderation). Take it and let your cat chase, or tinker a fumble board where they can hide a few extra snacks.

Interactive Toys: No chance for boredom To combat obesity in cats

A variety of game ideas are appreciated by the indoor cats to bring them successfully on their toes. Bring your cat once a beautiful new spring toy with, or fill a box with newspaper rustling paper in which they can find something. Also balls act in most cats wonder – is important not always to do the same, because it is the Samtpfote quickly bored

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