Tonkinese cat

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Tonkinese cat

Cat Tonkinese (from the English. Tonkinese) – breed of shorthaired. The shape of the body and the head is similar to Burmese, grace reminds Siamese. Head somewhat elongated, but less tapered than the siamese. Heavy chin, rounded cheeks. Ears of medium length, rounded, set wide apart. Eyes almond shaped, placed obliquely, eye color or bright aquamarine turquoise. The body is well muscled, medium sized. The neck is thin, graceful. The back is strong, slightly arched, broad loin. Legs slender, proportionate body, strong, slightly shorter than the front rear. Paws are oval, small size. Their long tail to the tip slightly pointed. To the owner are very attached, very affectionate and gentle, especially with children.

Description of Species

tonkinese cat First-called Golden Siamese, Tonkinese cat and now, prospectively received its present name from the former province in Vietnam – Tokin. Externally similar to Thai, but with a stronger touch the body, tightly adjacent smooth hair and a short, snub nose. The legacy of their ancestors, Siamese and Burmese cats, Tonkin got chic coat color, referred to as “mink” or “mink” and unusual sea-green eyes.
Head wedge-shaped, with a high set cheekbones. The muzzle is proportional to the length and width, long nose, whisker pads are allocated. The eyes are large, almond-shaped. Hallmark of the breed is unusual eye color – turquoise and aquamarine tender.
Rounded shape ears wide apart, medium length. Legs slender, graceful. Long tail, thick at the warping and tapering towards the end. The coat of these cats is smooth, without undercoat, soft to the touch. On Point, ie muzzle, ears, tail and paws, fur is darker, but not much.
color, typical for this breed, between Siamese and burmanskimi. Po shades are five kinds of colors: Natural mink, mink champagne, platinum mink, honey mink and blue. Mink coat mink or tonkintsev called because colors have a special luster. The body is usually lighter colored than the point (ears, tail, muzzle, paws), but not much.

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Character Toko cat

tonkinese cat Representatives of Tonkin breed has a soft, gentle nature. They are gentle and friendly with the owner, is very agreeable and loved-up, particularly in relation to children. Society people they delight, they are incredibly intelligent and inquisitive. Are bright personality and very charming.

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Maintenance and Care Toko cat

special care of these cats is not required. They are very attached to his master, so leave alone tonkintsa not worth it. Walking on a leash would not give them much discomfort. Tenderness – this is all you need to any living creature, including Tonkinese cat.

History of breed cats Toko

The first mention of tonskinskoy breed recorded in Canada in the early 60s. One breeder wanted to ensure that the new breed got color from the Siamese, and the body and muscular, like Burma, which also differ sweet temper and unique.
To achieve his goal he crossed Siamese breed with the Burmese. By the removal of the same breed, and sought a New York pet shop owner who has worked in this field for ten years the. The funny thing is that the breeder and owner of the shop and the result of their research named the same – golden Siamese. Later this breed was renamed Tonkin. Americans call them “Tonkinese”. Within a few years Tonkin participated in various exhibitions of the Canadian Society of cats, and a little later in the US and exhibitions.
Now, this breed was registered in all of American society felingologov in British society and cats is one of the most popular breeds among the inhabitants of America.

The variation of color Toko cat

The most allocated colors of this breed:
– Natural mink – a gentle light brown color, with dark chocolate-colored markings;
– Mink Champagne – with cream shade brown markings;
– Honey Mink – tan tranquil shade;
– Platinum Mink – pale silvery fur, with dark gray markings;
– Blue Mink – Wool gray bluish color, with markings of darker shades of gray and blue.
Characteristic Tonkinese cat breed is a special glossy shiny coat, lying close to the body. Point darker base color coat on the inner side of the body coat color slightly lighter tone in this soft transition from one shade to another. Barely discernible pattern can be in young cats-tonkintsev, but with age it will disappear.

General characteristics Toko cat

tonkinese cat Tonkinese breed bred by crossing Siamese and burminskoy rocks. A characteristic feature is the unusual shade tonkintsev eye – aqua. Tonkinese cat took the best of both their ancestors. Proportionality and harmony, strength of body and developed muscles, agility, activity and grace.
Head Tonkinese cat has a wedge shape, with flowing shapes, width and length approximately equal width and length, high cheekbones. Between the nose and forehead visible gentle curve, the profile has a sharp contours. Muzzle fairly massive, slightly priplyuscheny nose, chin heavy, gently rounded. The neck is thin, elegant.
The ears
tonkinese cat Not too large, set well apart and lean forward. Broad at the base, on the tips of the oval form. Always erect seems that the cat you always listen carefully. In the ears a little, it is short and smooth on the skin behind. Thanks to this ears seem transparent.
Large, almond-shaped upper eyelid, the lower is slightly rounded, eye directed to the outer edge of the ear. Set wide and slightly askew.
Eye color
The color of the eyes in this breed specific, distinctive feature. They have unique shade of aquamarine, celadon. Depending on how the light falls, eye color from blue shimmers with slug greens to deep turquoise color.
The body
With the superbly muscled, strong, with different special grace, of medium size. Due to its heredity Tonkinese breed combines the muscularity and strength with grace and harmony. In males aged particularly stronger shoulders and neck and they also big cats.
The feet and limbs
tonkintsev legs are thin but strong, very elegant, proportional body. The front legs are slightly shorter than the back. The tabs are small, neat, oval shaped.
The tail is long, fairly thick at the base, tapering gently to the end.
The coat is short, very soft, with the appropriate brightness. Undercoat and therefore has no tight to the body.
tonkinese cat In adults, uniform color, with the lack of any pattern. On the inside of the color of a soft transition to a lighter shade. In kittens of this breed color color lighter than in adults, and with age it will darken. Becoming a permanent color at Tonkin breed can occur up to six years. However, the difference in tone between the base color and the Point should be maintained.
The ears, tail, paws, nose marked darker tone. Slowly the tone flows into the main shade lighter. In young animals allowed barely noticeable pattern, which, however, should disappear with age.
Note1. Since colors are the result of mixing tonkintsev two genes (heterozygous), it may be pure Siamese colors and burmezov.
Primechanie2.Krome addition, some organizations allow this breed called tortie colors, as well as red and cream.
Removing points
When too long legs, or uncharacteristically squat, heavy physique, abnormal structure of the tail. Also in strabismus and not almond and round shaped eyes.
Figure, uncharacteristic bending tail, yellow eyes.
Acceptable crossing < br />
Eligible crosses NO.

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