Too fat cat? How to recognize obesity

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Too fat cat? How to recognize obesity – Allcatsnames

Being overweight is very unhealthy for cats. To find out more anxious than cat owners, whether you have too thick a cat at home, but the scale is not always the most reliable means. Much better judgment and feeling – what to look for, click here .

Too fat cat? How to recognize obesity
Thick Hide or fat cat? Not always easy to tell.

A healthy, normal weight cat is fit and agile. She likes to move and has no visible restrictions in jumping, running and playing. Your ribs are not visible, but palpable and covered only by a thin layer of fat and healthy. Shows a view from above of the cat to the house cat has a little waist, the owner need not worry: his pet has normal weight.

Too fat cat: How to recognize slight preponderance

An obese cat has a discernible from the side and from above, slightly rounded belly, which may tremble slightly when walking. The figure of the cozy parlor lion hidden under thick, shaggy fur and is hardly recognizable, the certainty is usually when stroking a: A cat with obesity a layer of fat has angefuttert, under which one can not feel good the ribs.

The waist can be seen from above, only with much good will and the condition of the room Tigers is no longer what it once was.

Interactive Toys: No chance for boredom Too fat cat? How to recognize obesity

dubious obesity in cats

In an obese cat’s belly is clearly rounded and flapping while running back and forth. Also on the legs, flanks and face now may have collected fat. That the cat once had a waist, can be with a view from above only guess, just like the ribs, which can be palpable under the thick layer of fat any more.

If you have too thick a cat, diet and plenty of exercise in the fight against obesity are announced. A veterinarian can help you create the healthiest program for losing weight for your favorite.

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