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Toyger cat

Do you want to tame a tiger? Now you have the opportunity mini tiger or Toyger. This animal having all the characteristic external features embodied in the domestic cat. Thus has a kind and playful disposition. This while young breed is gaining popularity because of the unique tiger appearance and unusually good character of the animal.

The history of the breed Toyger

toyger Judy Sugden is the author of the breed, 58-year-old architect and inventor Toyger. As a builder of Education Judy began the construction of his cat, like a tiger. Construct, exactly expresses itself Judy. The idea to bring a cat, like a tiger emerged from Jane Mill (mom Judy) in the eighties. This is due to the result of the work of the Bengal cat, that’s when the first kitten was born with stripes on the face and body. It remained only to add features to the tiger muzzle. It is to this day is the most difficult. But now the breed has its own unique, no one else like appearance. Even little kittens little cubs are easily guessed, strong, powerful and graceful.
There are already such a popular breed of cat family as Savannah (African serval) Ceausu (jungle cat), but still no professional breeder did not try to make exotic charm and big tiger in a small house cat. So, she created a prototype computer cat of your dreams, and gradually began to add to the already existing type of desired traits, infusing the characteristics of other breeds.
Toyger more are in the process of development. In the creation of the breed took the main part Bengal cat, as well as some other breeds, and domestic cats. The breed is recognized only in the early 90s. Toyger was shown in May 2006, the status of the new breed TICA. On May 1, 2007 Toyger became involved in the championship TICA. In January 2009, the breed is recognized in the WCF. Breed name consists of two English words: toy (toy) + tiger (tiger)=toyger (toy tiger), ie, Toyger, the name Tiger is not true. At the heart of the breed Toyger lain down Bengal breed further subtleties outlines tiger added other breeds. Toyger – result of breeding with a good result. Cats of this breed are smart, outgoing, not afraid of water and bold. Sufficiently mobile, like to be where the people and observe what is happening, and may also participate in family affairs. In Russia courtesy of the author herself breed Judy Sugden in 2008, the first representatives of this porody – two cats and one cat. They became the founders of the Russian line Toyger. One of the first two cats, Toyger named EEYAA AMERITONE, appeared in our nursery GREENCITI in 2008 and for two years gave a worthy offspring. Now this wonderful cat breed champion 2009, moved to the new owners, but left Russia in his best daughter Greenciti Izabel Bert and best memories of the first cat Toyger in Russia.

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General description Toyger breed

Toyger – Create breed. The rarest breed in the CIS today that his whole appearance is very much like a tiger. Brilliant cat of medium size, resembling tigrёnka in color, type and gait. And also have good health and long life.
Beautiful and clear tiger stripes, massive bone structure, thick wool silk, pure, expressive eyes and not “tiger” character – a little Toyger. Although not that he and Teddy, this “toy tiger”: good Toyger male can weigh about 10-12 kg, which for more than a domestic cat solidly. It is extremely intelligent animals. They will not constantly require the owner a lot of attention, but it will be very real devotion.
toyger Unlike many breeds contraption Toyger strong, not prone to disease and very unpretentious. Cats of this breed is not capricious and not vykabluchivayutsya: they eat almost anything they offer, but do not be greedy, do not beg and somehow magically manage to not gain weight. They love to bill and coo with people, but does not intend to pursue masters and plaintive cries begging them the attention and love. Mini tigers generally rarely votes cast. Maybe it’s because their voice sounds, between us, very nasty, such as clever as Toyger, can not fail to understand this. So they are trying to do without shouting, even disturbing the mating season, but if the cat is still necessary meow, it will do so as soon as possible in a quiet voice.
For all its similarities with the terrible tiger Toyger sweet, kind and not aggressive. Besides, he does not want to be the most important animals inhabited universe, so fight with someone there for a place under the sun, and to prove his first-class cats of this breed does not intend to. They gladly accept any offers to them the rules of the game. If Toyger call – he cheerfully come running; If you leave him the ball – he him run around and even likely bring the toy master. But if the cats of this breed make clear that now people are not up to it, Toyger go about their business, not in the least in this case is not offended.
Toyger – cats alive and cheerful, but quite balanced: mindless running and throwing wild they tend not but sleep all day on the couch, they too will not. Resemble the house, to see who is doing what and if someone does not need a cat, gently examine the upper shelves and cabinets (Toyger, despite its weighty, great jump, managing to do without damage) – this is how the day of the cats of this breed. But wander through the empty house they do not like: these cats are not created for solitude, they enjoy human company. Even if people in the moment and do not squeeze the silk soft fur of this cat, do not worry – simply curious Toyger quiet shadow present at any host affairs.
Children Toyger generally like, because it is they usually find time to fuss with funny cat. And what would these children may get up – Toyger usually all happy and do not even think about to bite or scratch carried away by child. In short, from Toyger nobody is unpleasant – unless of course you do not birdie. Toyger birdie try to eat, and what is the strangest thing, domestic mice, rats and fish such evil thoughts in cats of this breed usually do not cause, but the bird would be better to write a will in advance.
In the Toyger cat’s absolutely no traditional contempt for others. People adore this breed of cat and even strangers are not timid – the first run to meet the guests and their first try as a caress. These cats are very brave, sometimes recklessly, even such a dangerous thing as sitting at a neighbor’s fence formidable caucasian shepherd dog, does not cause any apprehension Toyger. Cats of this breed, instead of wisely stay away, it can safely go to the neighbors with a view to explore this mysterious growling monster. What’s next – you know, so that for a walking Toyger need to watch all the time. This adventurous and brave cat better not left unattended – most importantly, that she herself, this drift is not so necessary. She much rather would have gone with you: oddly, Toyger usually just love to walk on a leash – is not the least bit degrading!
toyger And what is even more strange is the thrust of most Toyger to water. However, we never had to see Toyger crossing the English Channel, but in his heart Toyger seen many. And not just seen – many of these together with your cat and take a shower if from this strange person not lock up, it simply be declared to the bathroom and you will climb with ease directly under pouring water.
All the cats like to sleep in the master bed. Toyger And, like any normal cat would make every effort to ensure that you turn on the pillow. But if you say “no”, Toyger without insults and claims will go to sleep in a different place. And vindictive howl persistently scratching the closed door, he too would not.
The only thing that most Toyger actively disapproves – so it is in the conclusion of portability: the restriction of freedom makes them loud and nasty protest songs. And that – because people are traveling in the car just like that, and that’s Toyger could well enjoy the ride, lounging on the comfortable seat!

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Disadvantages Toyger breed

classic parallel stripes on the body, strongly curved in the form of a “bull’s eye”. The strip on the back. Only the traditional stripes on the face. The lack of glitter. The narrow nose. Excessive size and congested muscles.

Toyger Breed Standard

The head is medium size. Long in the muzzle, wide at cheekbones.
Side view: hexagon, half of which is the muzzle from the tip of the nose to the forehead, neck and forehead polovina-. All contours clear, strong and rounded.
Ears rounded. Small preferable. Delivered sufficiently wide and high. Desirable thick hair at the temples and ears. Lynx brushes are not desirable.
Eyes: from small to medium, slightly deep set. Placed at a slight angle to the base of the ear. Colour rich and deep.
Chin: very strong, deep and wide, with the right to have a bite.
Muzzle: Medium to long, deep, with clear, smooth contours.
Shape: long, in the shape of an inverted heart, with extended muzzle.
Nose: broad, long, with a rounded nose. Extends to the tip and narrower between the eyes. Nose broad but not deep.
Profile: markedly pronounced transition from forehead to nose high above eye level. Line nose may be slightly concave.
Neck: Long and muscular.
Body: Body – medium size, deep line the chest and groin, long, muscular. Heavier in the front. Shoulders may be projecting. Chest broad, forming a line from the neck to the front paws.
The legs and feet are medium length, clearance between the stomach and the floor is equal to the depth of the enclosure. The front and rear legs of equal length. Tarsi strong, but due to the dense wool seem thicker.
Tail very long and thick with a blunt rounded tip, like a thick cord. Put low, rushing just low, parallel to the floor.
muscled, well-developed, dense, strong, no subtlety.
Wool: length – rather short, it may be slightly elongated in dark markings. Longer on the nape and cheeks preferred.
Texture: thick fur, luxurious and unusually soft, chic, but flexible.
Shine (glitter): gloss coat is desirable, but not at the stage where the contrast of the pattern reduces or lightening of the abdomen.
Colour: Tiger stripes from black to brown and bronze. Preference is dark, contrasting stripes on a golden yellow background tint. Preferably, the dark hairs on the marks were not tikinga – evenly dyed. Hardly noticeable undercoat is permissible. Zhivota – color tint. Preferably, the same white as the “wild spot” on the chin that would contrast markings was more straightforward.
toyger Contrast: contacting all colors should be the maximum intensity and contrast. The greatest contrast is to be expressed between the color bands and pitch and lightening dyed belly and flanks. Very contrasting coloring muzzle.
Figure, type markings: modified Brindle (mackerel). Figure clear and on the back, on the sides and on the whitewashed tummy. The edges of the strips are more contrasting than the middle.
Body: stripes on the body should be vertical, continuing the line stripe neck, shoulders, legs and tail. Wide, two rows of windows, patchy dyed stripes and vertically stretched outlet preferred. Small elongated spots are permissible. Abdomen and legs should be painted, including the inside of the legs and chest. Stripes and a white belly wraps are more desirable than the spots. Pillows paws and tip hvosta – only black.
Face and Head: Facial stripes and markings shall be circularly aligned around the face. Preference should be given to the butterfly on the forehead, surrounded by short teeth. Traditional Tabby otmetiny – divergent behalf polosy – eyeliner and inverted “M” on the forehead is not desirable. Lightening areas should include podusniki, podborodik, throat, the outer region of the cheeks. Also light area should continue to cheekbones, the area in front of the ears. Bright eye rims preferred. Most desirable when bright black eye rims, lips and nose with white contrasts glasses and mustache pillows. Darker the outer side ear desirable. It will give a greater contrast with lightening “fingerprint.”
Breed valid for crossing: no

Character Breed Toyger

Cats of this breed are very lyubviobilnym, affectionate and playful. Created in the modern metropolis breed – a unique companion that combines balanced temperament and unique vneshnost. Toygery love people and try and try to participate in all matters, it is easily given training, love to play, quite calm and playful, ladyaschie with all the inhabitants of the house.

Care Toyger breed

toyger As the care of precious cats that rare breed, he does not need them at all. Their silky hair sheds very poorly, and combing it is not necessary – only if you want to bring a cat treat. Health problems they do not know, live long enough and do not deceive the owners head. In short, it turns out is not just a cat, and the cat is perfect without fear and reproach

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