Treat cats with Bach Flower Remedies. The Rescue Remedy

If the cat was bitten. to the vet?

Treat cats with Bach Flower Remedies: The Rescue Remedy – Allcatsnames

Bach Flower Remedies for Cats have proven themselves in many cases. Thus, for example, the Rescue Remedy, called Rescue Remedy, can aid anxiety and after accidents, assist in shock and in various extreme situations.

Treat cats with Bach Flower Remedies: The Rescue Remedy
Homeopathy for Cats: Rescue Remedy in case of emergency are a great help.

Of course, we want to preserve our darlings from all suffering. But sometimes it happens just yet: an accident, a terrible shock, or the loss of a conspecific brings the soul life of our quadruped suddenly severely out of balance. Now fast help is needed.

In this case, Bach flowers can come for cats to use. For example, while waiting for the vet. Can be a great support to have Rescue Remedy at home while the animal. But as this specific Bach Flower Mixtures act anyway?

Bach Flower Remedies for Cats: To the Rescue Remedy act

Rescue Remedy or Rescue Remedy is also available for people. They are composed of various Bach flower essences, which act specifically against restlessness, nervousness, anxiety and grief. The ingredients are purely herbal and are called Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem.

You get the Rescue Remedy drops in the pharmacy, online shipping, the vet, but also in some pet stores. It makes no difference whether you take the Rescue Remedy, which were specially mixed for animals, or for the people. In the latter, however, you should rely on globules (small globules, which are available in a vial) or to drop without alcohol.

Bach Flower Remedies for Cats: Tips for beginners Treat cats with Bach Flower Remedies: The Rescue Remedy

Dosage and direction of Rescue Remedy

Even if these funds do no harm – if they are taken more frequently, is an important: Give it to your cat really only in an emergency. An animal has a serious, perhaps life-threatening accident, the emergency drop in the best case can help the time until the vet arrives to bridge. This only works if the cat has not been used to the drugs, because the Bach flower mixture were inserted every little thing.

You administering the cat the mixture of five essences so only in highly stressful situations. This may include relocation or pending operations. In this case, you can use the Bach Flower quiet prophylactic use and for each 1-3 drops Rescue Remedy enter into the drinking water or feed.

Is your cat in a state of shock, should provide directly on the tongue every hour fast for a droplet that she feels better.

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