Treatment of cats with Rolling Skin Syndrome

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The treatment of cats with rolling skin syndrome is not one of the easiest tasks of a veterinarian. The study of cat scratch disease is far from complete, and improvement of symptoms requires a lot of empathy.

Treatment of cats with Rolling Skin Syndrome
treatment of cats with Rolling Skin Syndrome: Stress is poison!

Of the few things that are known so far about the Rolling Skin Syndrome, is one that the disease is most likely due to stress. This should no longer have been possible from the first suspicion of a diseased cat. In the first place, but the transition should be to the vet.

Cats with rolling skin syndrome veterinarian

A veterinarian will decide whether the diseased pet needs medication for stress management. Both psychotropic and antidepressant drugs for animals are given medical treatment for the Rolling Skin Syndrome in cats. Many vets suggest to treat cats with rolling skin syndrome with Bach flowers.

Often the veterinary advises also to convert the feline nutrition and feeding a special food for healthy cats. In addition, he will determine if organic causes are to blame for the symptoms of your cat and a disease or epilepsy is present, because pain cause stress and this may be the trigger for the Rolling Skin Syndrome.

What you can do for the treatment

Eliminate potential sources of stress in your household and care for big changes like moving house or a new life partner to ensure that your feline friend peace is restored as quickly as possible. Routine, a day routine, she knows and an environment with familiar people doing her good, while noise, large parties and constant visits are poison for cats with rolling skin syndrome, which often have a very sensitive nature.

Bach Flower Remedies for Cats: Application and dosage Treatment of cats with Rolling Skin Syndrome

A lot of fondling, a beautiful, warm space heater and games that make it fun, are wonderful means to ensure that your cat is better soon. Reward them with pats, Leckerlie and gentle words, when they do something good or be sent hires playing, because that strengthens the self-confidence of your cat and thus their resistance to stress.