Treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats

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The sooner treatment begins, the hyperthyroidism in cats, the better the chances of a pain-free life cats. Which treatment is best suited, also depends on how far the disease has progressed.

Treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats
treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats: The sooner, the better.

All forms of treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats have to reduce the target, the increasingly distributed thyroid hormones to normal levels or to completely stop. Either the animal disease is treated with drugs, surgery or radioiodine therapy with a. The latter method promises the greatest chance of recovery, but is offered only in certain institutions, because it is a nuclear medicine therapy.

hyperthyroidism in cats with drugs treat

The classic treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats is done with medications containing the active ingredients methimazole or carbimazole. This will inhibit the production of thyroid hormone to shut down the metabolism to an acceptable level. For successful therapy, however, the veterinarian should first diagnose the cause of the disease.

Affected namely a node the proper function of the thyroid gland would occur the symptoms after stopping the medication again and the disease take its course again. A lifelong medication can in this case only be prevented if the node was surgically removed.

Operative treatment as treatment

If the node, so the pathologically changed thyroid tissue surgically removed, can hyperthyroidism in cats heal permanently. However, the success of this treatment depends on where the node is.

An unfavorable point is the risk of damage to vital organs or nerves. Under certain circumstances it is necessary to remove the entire thyroid tissue, so then a safer hypothyroidism must be taken into account. This is then treated chronically with the administration of hormones.

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radioiodine therapy: Gentle, but not everywhere

The radioiodine therapy is an established treatment in Germany in hyperthyroidism. Cats can also be treated in this way. The treatment is gentle and promises high chances of recovery without surgery. For the treatment of radioactive iodine is injected. This accumulates almost exclusively in the affected thyroid tissue, kills the tumor and is then excreted by the cat again.

Due to various safety regulations, this method is not particularly common in veterinary medicine. Ask your veterinarian if and where you can treat hyperthyroidism in cats with this method.