Trigger for cat flu

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A harmless sneeze with your kitten must not be a cat flu for a long time. But a real colds must be treated, especially in young cats. Trigger, which is why sneeze and sniff cats, there are many.

Trigger for cat flu
If cats can sneeze that have a variety of causes.

A cat flu as can be triggered by infections in humans. However, dry air, asthma or allergic causes are possible. Your cat sneezes frequently, you should look closely whether mucus coming out of her nose. Unfortunately, often the cats tongue faster than our eyes.

cat flu by infection or asthma

If an infection is visible mucus from both nostrils of your cat. A vaccination does not protect against a hundred percent cat flu. However, the disease is not as severe in vaccinated animals. Mostly it is a pathogen selected from the group of cat flu complex. A real cold is a reason to go with the cat to the vet immediately.

Another reason for the cold can be asthma in cats. There are the so-called feline asthma. But this appears mainly through coughing. Is typical of asthma that the cough like a choking looks at the cat with head stretched out presses the air in crouch. Has your cat in addition to this runny nose symptoms, you should also go badly with her to the vet.

Kitten sleeping: The fatigue has triumphed! Trigger for cat flu

Other causes: heating air or foreign body

A runny nose with your kitten can have quite harmless causes. In winter the heating for especially dry air makes. This irritates the nasal mucous membranes, which secrete increased secretion to keep the mucous membranes moist. This is a harmless cold.

Another reason for a cold can be a foreign body in the nostril. One indication of this is when only one side of the nose is affected. Then there drinstecken or benign polyps or a tumor may obstruct one nostril a piece of cat grass. Let’s see the vet in the nose and remove any foreign objects.