Turkish Angora: Typical diseases of the cat

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The Turkish Angora is a very elegant, vibrant and uncomplicated cat species. As every cat they can of course still get sick – a certain disease occurs in cats of this breed particularly common .

Turkish Angora: Typical diseases of the cat
The Turkish Angora is vulnerable to several diseases.

Owner of a Turkish Angora in-law should not only provide information about the nature and attitude of their future pet, but also know about diseases typical of the breed communication. Because this cat species there is a disease that is more common.

What diseases there are in this breed?

In the Turkish Angora there is a disease susceptibility for an autosomal recessive ataxia. In this disease, it is a generic term for various disorders in the field of movement coordination.

If the ataxia occurs, it does so even for small cats. Is the animal once grown up, it can not get autosomal recessive ataxia more. Is a Turkish Angora kitten attacked by this disease, she remembers walking very difficult and she needs her life particularly caring owners and tailored to their attitude constraint conditions. But that is not the only disease for which the Turkish Angora is vulnerable.

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Other possible diseases

In addition, the Turkish Angora is prone to hearing loss, deafness and balance disorders. This vulnerability, however, only white animals are affected. Because this vulnerability is not race-related, but a specific problem of the color.