Turkish Van cat

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Turkish Van cat

Turkish Van – a rare breed of cat that is characteristic of a highly original color: color between the two ears, symmetrically arranged spots, between which there is a small gap, the so-called track. Stains can be in different colors: red, kashtanov0krasnye, pale black. These spots are considered a blessing of Allah. It is not surprising, because this breed of cats born in the Turkish Lake Van, that the Armenian highlands. This color in other breeds called “vanopodobnym.” In Turkey, however, can be found pure white cats that mysterious eye color – their eyes are different colors! But the standard color of the Turkish Vans is very common in the western part of the Earth. On white fur cat frequent small patches of different colors. Usually, these spots are located on the left shoulder of pussy.

The history of the breed Turkish Van

turkish van turkish van Turkish Van breed appeared in the Armenian highlands near Lake Van in south-eastern Turkey. Fauna and flora and fauna in this area is characterized by its originality. The local climate is different winter cold and summer drought, which undoubtedly influenced the character vysokornyh of flora and fauna. Stability of character, physical strength, perseverance and endurance – it has such qualities and Turkish Van.
History dissemination breed in Europe is very interesting. Two journalists from England (Washington, Laura and Sonia Holiday) traveling in Turkey in 1955, drew attention to the two cute kittens, who rushed to swim in the creek. Kotyatok act so impressed women that locals have presented a gift to them two different sex kittens. On the way to the breeding of the breed in Europe journalist met a number of bureaucratic obstacles. And then from abroad was removed several Turkish Vans, which became the basis of common species throughout Europe.
The first recorded cat became Antalya-Anotoliya – first-born cats in England. And in 1969, the breed received the status of English.
1970 is significant in the history of the emergence turetsekogo wang in Europe: first, cats included in the standard WCF, and, secondly, Turkish Vans shipped to the US on a formal basis. And already in 1985 the breed was officially registered.
Turkish Vans are very prices in Turkey. Their export is strictly prohibited without the express consent of the Minister, and only with the permission of the metropolitan zoo. species is protected by the Turkish state.

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Description of the Turkish Van breed

turkish van Turkish Van differs excellent health, and his body is quite powerful – muscular, like the figure of a swimmer, the breast is strong, athletic. Cats ears are wide, eyes askance planted. Perhaps that is why, looking at Wang, one might think that proud animal lives in constant tension. Wool Turkish wang – a dream for a lazy owner. It does not fall down, it is not easily soiled. In addition, this breed wool is water repellent, so your pussy will never get wet and not prostynet. And when you pet pussycat, it gives the impression that you touch the cashmere. In winter wool turetskkogo wang becomes more dense. The adult Cauchy you can see the collar, which is almost impossible to notice the kitten.
The nature of the Vanir good. However, they hit their little excessive activity – running throughout the apartment, as if bitten, fight, scratch, hiss, a word, behave like wild beasts. But kittens are developing very quickly, open their eyes already on the fourth day, and two weeks later can absolutely look after itself. Rarely get sick, thanks to the care of the van moms who surround her cub affection, care and warmth, protecting it as the most precious treasure. Do not let outsiders. That’s why this cat breed grow affectionate and quickly attached to the host.
Wana similar to the Angora cats for their love of water and can safely hunt for small fish, easily and safely swim. So bathe them – a pleasure. And since they are still active during water treatment and can still play, enough napleskavshiysya cat is extremely happy and grateful to his master. Wana do love when they are paying a lot of attention, for example, is constantly scratching his ear, stroking (certainly not against the grain), and even representatives of this breed is very fond of listening to stories on a variety of topics. But this van will not accept the position of a passive listener, he will actively respond, purr word will ensure you a pleasant conversation. With strangers, however, Wana behave with restraint, but quite friendly, so to find common language with them is not difficult. When the cat has engaged retreat will be late, because the representatives of this breed do not accept failure to play. Those who still dare to ignore their suggestions together to have fun, can pay scratches or even worse. In short it is necessary to give them the opportunity for active pastime otherwise van without splashing out the stored energy will become a little uraganchik, sweeping away everything in its path. And these cats love to play, even in adulthood.

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Care breed Turkish Van

turkish van Like other cats can easily catch cold Wana after bathing, so despite their love for the water element, you should keep the water temperature closer to 40 degrees Celsius. During molting should daily comb cats so they do not spread the hair around the house. And that van is not spoiled furniture he should trim the claws (as, indeed, other cats). If the cat is neutered may be problems at the base of the tail (where the hair can cover the fat and stick together). This problem is quite simply solved by dusting of potato flour, which is an environmentally friendly product as opposed to chemically produced powders, will not bring harm to the cat.
In addition, it is important to remember that if you leave the cat unattended for a while after will be faced with his hyperactivity, so you must constantly try to spend time with them. After all, communication is one of the components of the proper care of the animals.

Interesting facts about the breed Turektsy Wang

turkish van – Love for the feline in Turkey due to one interesting case. The fact that the Prophet Muhammad loved cats and when his favorite animal fell asleep in his sleeve at the great prophet, who did not hesitate to cut off your arm, so as not to disturb the sleep of the favorite. Here it is believed now that he who dares to kill the cat, will be the lowest sinner and a sign of their repentance will be required to build seven mosques. Thus he requested forgiveness from Allah.
– Castration cats breed Turkish Van is not particularly popular, as the breed is considered rare.
– For the Turkish city of Van cat statue with colored eyes as its symbol.
– Pure breed Turkish Van cats are blue and amber eyes that are very rare. And in Europe, so do not occur.

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