Ukrainian Levkoy

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Ukrainian Levkoy

Very new, but very unique breed “Ukrainian Levkoy”, it has all the signs of a bald cat (sphinx), and bent ears like a scottish-fold. The breed is now a period of stabilization and recognition, but one can already see the future direction and development of such unusual interest of the breed of cats.


ukrainian levkoy ukrainian levkoy Ukrainian Levkoy – original species Nude Fold, medium size with long flexible muscular body of a rectangular format, soft and warm to the touch, with excessive folded skin. The backbone of the middle. A characteristic feature Levkoev is long, flat, angular shape head (dogface appearance) with a stepped profile, big but not widely open almond-shaped eyes. Pronounced sexual dimorphism. Wallflowers sociable, communicative, tied to the man.

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For the laying of the first blood line breed cats Ukrainian Levkoy were attracted Scottish Fold (Fold) (natural dominant mutant gene lop-eared Fd, is responsible for the bending of the ears) and Sphynx ( naked) (the dominant natural mutant hairless gene Hrbd, is responsible for hairlessness).

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When creating wallflowers, the following breeds: Sphynx, Peterbald, Oriental, Scottish Fold, Persian, home. Cross-breeding was carried out with a twofold purpose. The first goal – to destabilize the genome. Ie, using as a rock-forming, two mutations – Fold and hairless, “sculpt” the breed had to scratch. Not as the sum of the two species, as discussed above, and get a soft, plastic “lump of clay”, is easily treatable. Enriched gene pool metizirovannogo animal unbalanced genome give more opportunities for “maneuver”.


ukrainian levkoy Work on the breed was started in 2000. Elena Biryukova Vsevolodovna the idea to create a cat, which would have both a sign of fold and would be deprived of wool. Moreover, it should not be just a lop-eared Donchak, or naked scottish fold. This should be a new original rock with its unique, specific characteristics. It should be recognizable. Sketches appearance cat breed identification and selection of genotypes, reflecting the phenotype fulfilled felinolog Elena Biryukova Vsevolodovna (kennel «Ladacats» Kiev, Ukraine, ICFA RUI Rolandus Union International). The first recorded breeding commission ICFA RUI Cat Ukrainian Levkoy, nicknamed «Levkoy Primero» was born January 21, 2004.

In 2008, in a variety of feline organizations of Ukraine and Russia are more than 200 individuals of this breed of cats, many of them Ukrainian wallflowers in the fourth generation. Several dozen cats already live outside the former CIS.

ukrainian gillyflower The first nursery bare Fold cats in Russia «HELEN GRIGS» (St. Petersburg) was registered 14 October 2006.

ukrainian levkoy

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