Ural Rex cat

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Ural Rex cat

Ural Rex breed belongs to the group shorthair cats. As a pilot, she, in 1991, was described in detail O. Mironova. Cats belonging to this native Russian breed, do not differ large physique. Moreover, in contrast to the Corniche or German Rex their hair wavy, length varies from short to medium. Despite the relatively modest size, muscular body of a cat, rounded, with a long and strong neck, on which rests a small muzzle, without protruding chin whiskers and crimped. A very muzzle crowned ears of medium size, wide at the base, respectively, and rounded at the ends. The tail is not very long, thin and straight limbs just medium length, with soft, oval paws. As has been said before: wool representatives Ural Rex scrolls, covering the body is short but dense cover (although can meet animals with slightly longer hair). In color and eye color are no restrictions.

The history of the breed Ural Rex

ural rex Stories of strange cats with curly Urals has long been known. Many scientists after arriving shared with friends and even wrote in their reports that were able to observe interesting shorthair cats on the streets of the Ural villages. These were the 40s of the twentieth century, so that in our time the representatives of this rare breed is considered extinct, since most of the family took in cats and not cats. But what was a surprise when in 1988 in Zarechnyi simple cat gave birth to two kittens at once with characteristic Ural Rex fur. One of them was named Basil and left to live in the family. It was he who was the “progenitor” of all registered breed Selkirk Rex cats.
At the moment, the breeding of this breed are actively engaged in the kennel “Uralochka».

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About the breed Ural Rex

ural rex ural rex As follows from the description above, the size of these cats on average compared to other breeds, but it does not exclude the fact that the representatives of the Ural Rex strong and graceful. Tail at them long, thin and very agile, which indicates the nature of liveliness. A few words should be given necessarily muzzle animals. Despite some “high cheekbones,” she nonetheless beautifully rounded and also crowned by large, straight set ears, giving the mind a special charm. Selkirk Rex – Russian breed, they have long legs and slender body.
Anyone ever seen a cat of this breed, says that the Ural Rex surprisingly expressive eyes and a smart look. To some extent this contributes almond shaped and slanted, but not least is the fact that the Selkirk Rex breed is really very clever. Another of their dignity in the softness of wool, which forms a tightly closed curl. He is absent in kittens, and only appears in the adult. The appearance of the navel is not only the age difference: at birth little kittens have curly shёrstkoy that usually straightens after the second week of life. During this period, the rock can be determined only by the characteristic shape of the muzzle and crimped vibrissae. A 4-5 months to begin to form above the curl. Although, like all rights, it also has an exception, and there are cases when the wool is not smooth and light curls remained even at 10 months.
Separate mention should be made of representatives of the Ural Rex with black or dark coloration as they grow older, it changes color at different body sites. For example, the housing may be, as it were burned to light brown, and the tail, legs, and face will remain pristine black. Especially prettier with age of the animals that have a pattern on wool (this is called agouti-factor), as lightening up this light areas become altogether a golden shade that perfectly shaded black.

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Character breed Ural Rex

Everybody loves playful kittens who can spend hours chasing bow, but when becoming older the animal begins to feel free to meow at the house, demanding your attention or another batch of cat food, its “aliveness “and” activity “are beginning to cause annoyance at best. However, the owners of the Ural Rex did not know such problems. Cats of this breed perfectly distinguish the boundary between the permissible and the forbidden, simply because they know the measure. Yes, they are not averse to a little play, but only when it is clear that you have free time. These animals are delicate and will not impose their society, but still they are very fond of people, it is felt at the time of return to work when the cat starts to follow you closely, humming to himself some of his cat-like melodies. The host becomes Ural Rex if not center of the universe, or at least a very important part of a good, happy life. Therefore it is not surprising that these cats somehow adapt themselves to the daily routine of the host and become for him a true friend for life.

Care and Maintenance for the breed Ural Rex

ural rex ural rex How true Siberians, Ural Rex differ truly excellent health. For example, all you need to care for their hair – ironed them regularly (on wool can be carried silk cloth, chamois or simply hand). Of course, particularly pleased to stroke cats hands because they shёrstka surprisingly soft, and the animal will be pleased to present the human touch. But it is better not to bathe them, because that can dry up your skin, and it naturally takes the cat a lot of inconvenience, and you will make nervous. And if after all there was a need to bathe, you should try to do it for two weeks prior to any competition, because the wool will not fit well. Due to the fact that in themselves Ural Rex molt rather weakly, during molting they need help arranging trimming (plucking). Especially easily removed wool animals with slightly weakened immunity. In litter they have an average of three kittens are born, and the cats are trying in every way to protect their offspring.
Cats of this breed are ready to eat anything, and because they have a wonderful appetite, and health Herculean, and special eating habits in the long run no. But all the same as any animal they will go to benefit a varied diet. For Ural Rex diet is divided into three equal parts: the first of which is, of course, the same meat protein rich foods (like predatory animals rex ever thank you), the second part consists of foods rich in carbohydrates, such as porridge, well and in the third part includes a variety of fruits and vegetables.

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