Vaccination against rabies. Necessary in cats?

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Vaccination against rabies: Necessary in cats? – Allcatsnames

When is a vaccination against rabies in cats sense? Although the virus disease is eradicated in this country, but should release prisoners still have a vaccination. When traveling abroad it is even required.

Vaccination against rabies: Necessary in cats?
Is vaccination against rabies in cats really necessary?

In pure indoor cats to be vaccinated against rabies is not mandatory, some veterinarians still recommend it. That your puss in contact with the deadly pathogen comes, however, is almost impossible, especially since Germany is considered free of rabies. Weigh best together with the vet the pros and cons of vaccination against rabies.

Outdoor cat can necessarily vaccinate

Different is it when your cat is outdoor cat. Even here, the probability is low that there is an infection – it can not be entirely excluded, however. Vaccination against rabies not only protects your dog against the always fatal ending disease, but also you personally, your family and other animals that may be infected.

vaccination against rabies in Travel mandatory

Who wants to travel within the EU with his feline friend or moves abroad, must be vaccinated against rabies in pet passport can prove. When traveling in other countries of rabies is not always mandatory, but you must in turn prove a valid vaccination during the return trip to Germany. The aim of the European vaccination is to reduce the deadly rabies. In countries where it is for example not yet eradicated everywhere, vaccination your cat can save lives – as if they ausbüxt once and hits an infected animal.

Rabies in cats: Symptoms Vaccination against rabies: Necessary in cats?

Refrain therefore never on this important travel vaccination for your cat. A rabies vaccination is possible in cats over the age of twelve weeks. The immunization must be refreshed approximately every three to four years. For use in Germany are exclusively vaccines with inactivated pathogens.