Vaccination against TBE and Lyme disease in cats?

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Can Lyme disease ticks in cats or even trigger TBE? Is vaccination against this disease in your dog sense? No -. For two very simple reasons

Vaccination against TBE and Lyme disease in cats?
Can ticks in cats borreliosis or TBE transfer.

If your feline friend is an outdoor cat, she is back safe and again hit by tick bites. To any vaccine against Lyme disease in cats, but you can do without having a good conscience – because there is none available. Unlike humans and dogs to the immune system of the elegant four-legged friend is sufficiently armed against the bacteria. So far, no disease in cats by the parasites could be detected by expert testimony.

Vaccination: Lyme disease in cats does not exist

Although inflammation caused by tick bites can also occur in cats but no disease. Apparently the pets of nature against the Lyme bacteria are immune. Accordingly, there is no vaccine that is currently also approved in Germany only for dogs, but not for people. Even in clinical trials cats should not be more susceptible to the pathogen -. In contrast to dogs, where they can damage joints and organs seriously

With these funds you can remove ticks in cats Vaccination against TBE and Lyme disease in cats?

TBE very rare in cats

A virus infection by ticks that causes encephalitis is extremely rare. Cats seem to be immune against the tick-borne encephalitis. The disease can lead to, among other movement disorders. A vaccine is available only for men, but not for pets like dog or cat. How lucky that cats do not just get any disease, but also TBE cases seem to clearly be the exception.

However, to protect your pet from less dangerous, but unpleasant inflammations, it is advisable to investigate the release prisoners after his return to parasites and their bites. If necessary, remove the ticks in cats.