Vaccination and prevention of cat to FIP

As cats can be infected with fungal skin

Vaccination and prevention of cat to FIP – Allcatsnames

Careful prevention is the best protection against severe disease FIP cats. Also, a vaccine is available, but these must be refreshed annually.

Vaccination and prevention of cat to FIP
A vaccination can afford prevention of FIP, but does not always provide complete protection.

The transmission of FIP usually occurs via the faeces or saliva of infected cats, or by objects that have come into contact with infected animals. Accordingly, careful hygiene and the isolation of diseased animals provide the best measures for the prevention represents.

FIP: Big Cats stocks are particularly vulnerable

There where many cats closely together, as in cats in animal shelters or breeders, the risk of infection with FIP is particularly high. Particularly at risk are also release prisoners who have much contact with other cats. The coronaviruses that cause the infection can, for a time outside the body cats survive, therefore, is an infection also bowls or fur brushes possible – here, give special attention to regular cleaning and replacement. Meticulous litter box hygiene is also an effective measure for prevention, since Corona viruses are excreted in the feces.

vaccination against FIP: Controversially discussed

A vaccine for the prevention of FIP exists, but does not provide complete protection. The vaccination must be refreshed every year at the vet, otherwise it loses its effect. Vaccination is only useful for individually held in the indoor cats who have never had contact with the FIP-causing virus. These animals can be protected from viruses that are transmitted eg via the shoes entrained cat feces. For cats who have been exposed to the virus, even if this is only the harmless variant, no vaccine protection can be ensured.

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