Watery eyes in cats. Possible causes

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Watery eyes in cats can have quite harmless causes, but also indicate serious diseases. Changes in the cat’s eye should always be clarified in each case with a veterinarian.

Watery eyes in cats: Possible causes
The healthy cat eyes are clear and not water.

A healthy cat’s eye you can see the clear view of the cat. The skin around the eyes is clean and does not stick. The cat constantly winks, has swollen, sticky eyes or tears in the gutter fur, indicated that indicates that something is wrong.

Possible causes for watery eyes

Tears of cat eyes, cat eyes are just a little and the tears clear often simply irritated only by drafts or wind. It may also be that an eyelash of the animal has turned into the eye and the eye now permanently exhausted, the same is true for foreign bodies such as sand, dirt or dust.

An injury might also be the cause and looks, just after a fight, usually a bit worse and often bloody from. A disease such as conjunctivitis or cat flu is often accompanied with mucous discharge from the eyes and other symptoms. Fungal infection or an allergic reaction can also be causes of watery eyes.

With tearful eyes to the vet?

When it comes to the sensitive cat’s eyes, you should go to the vet rather too little time too many than once. When the tears flow is clear and not too strong, and they do not notice any other symptoms that you can call to check with the vet first, if he considers it appropriate that they come over or if they can wait a little.

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You should immediately consult a veterinarian if the discharge is slimy or bloody tears, the eyes are swollen, or you discover injury near the eye. How to give first aid for eye injuries, click here.