What does a pregnant cat?

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What does a pregnant cat? – Allcatsnames

A pregnant cat has special needs. How can you meet these, and what the expectant mother cat needs, click here.

What does a pregnant cat?
Make your pregnant cat especially space and tranquility.

Silence is one of the most important things that needs a pregnant cat. Too much hustle stresses the feline friend in this case only. Offer her as many retreats – you can therefore at best, all the doors open so your pet can choose how much it would like to have just near to the people. Especially when children are in the house, these oases of calm are important for the cat.

More tips for the expectant mother cat

As for the diet of the pregnant cat, you should rely mainly on high quality. Good quality of the food is generally always important – if your feline friend expected boy, but it should have special priority that they get all the essential nutrients in sufficient quantities. Ask your veterinarian which varieties he could advise you best.

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Pregnant cat: Nest preparation

In the last weeks of her pregnancy is your names-for-cats”>cat probably build some “nests” in which they can potentially bring her kittens to the world. In preparation, you can help her: Make her several large boxes or baskets back and put it out with cozy blankets. If the situation of birth for the pregnant cat actually occurs, but it may well be that the Samtpfote chooses a very different place. Let her pet so all possibilities – that helps to make the birth of the least stressful.