What is toxoplasmosis in cats?

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Toxoplasmosis in cats is a parasitic infection that can even be fatal for weakened, or very young animals. As the dogs can get infected with it, read here.

What is toxoplasmosis in cats?
Toxoplasmosis is especially dangerous for kittens.

toxoplasmosis occurs frequently, but not only, in cats. As the main host for the parasitic pathogens Stubentiger can infect different way with the disease.

infection with toxoplasmosis

The parasite Toxoplasma gondii can infect the cat through various intermediate hosts. Pigs, several bird species, some wild animals and also humans can for example be intermediate hosts for toxoplasmosis pathogens. For excitation of the infection, the parasites, for example, when they are excreted from the host with the feces and some days are on the air without him. A transfer can be done so for cats, for example by eating dead birds, raw pork, or through contact with animal feces.

When the disease is dangerous?

If the cat is infected with toxoplasmosis, usually show no symptoms, or they run very weak and sound after a short time again. Possible symptoms include diarrhea, cough or swollen lymph nodes. After the first episode cats then mostly immune to the pathogen. Dangerous it can be for puss with a very weak immune system. In them, more severe symptoms can set and the disease can become chronic.

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For kittens who were infected through their mother, the disease may extend unfortunately fatal. And also people can become infected with toxoplasmosis. While the disease also often runs at them without symptoms, they can be serious for people with a weak immune system and expectant mothers.