What vaccinations are useful for cats?

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What vaccinations are useful for cats? – Allcatsnames

When it comes to vaccinations for cats are the ghosts: Some consider it necessary, other superfluous. Which immunizations are actually useful, please click here.

What vaccinations are useful for cats?
vaccinations against feline leukemia and feline distemper are an important precaution.

There are some diseases, in which you can protect your feline friend only by vaccination. In these cases also undergo periodic retraining of protection is important. Inoculation in cats is particularly useful, for example in the feline distemper.

Vaccinations: feline distemper, rabies and Co


Cats disease is a potentially fatal gastrointestinal disease. A vaccination is highly recommended here Рespecially in younger animals the symptoms are often bad. Primarily in Freigängern This also applies to the rabies. Although Germany has applied since 2008 as a rabies-free, but if your cat roams outside, you should be sure call for still thinking about a vaccination. Leukemia is a viral disease that is transmitted through saliva. Kittens can be infected through breast milk, for example. Vaccinations can save lives here.

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immunization in cats: Tips

Also important is an immunization against cat flu. What us a slight cold and so is not too bad, can be more dangerous in cats. In the worst case, the lung can be infected with bacteria. Especially if several velvet paws together and / or they have access to outside, you should consider a vaccination. Remember, however, that such vaccines can not provide one hundred percent safe protection – similar to the flu vaccine in humans. The so-called cat flu vaccination complex consists of four types: Feline Herpes Virus, Feline Calicivirus, Chlamydia and Bordatella bronchiseptika.