When cats scratch. causes of itching in the ears

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The ears are the most important sensory organs of cats. If your feline friend unnatural frequently scratching at the ears, you should check where the itching occurs. It could be due in consideration: It can be an inflammation or too much earwax. But even parasites such as ear mites can cause severe itching.

When cats scratch: causes of itching in the ears
cat scratches his ear – What is the cause?

The scratching at the ears is normal in cats. Felt her puss but increased itching in the ears, the behavior takes unnatural forms – in the worst case your cat is scratching bloody, at the latest then you should immediately consult a veterinarian. But there are already signs earlier, where you can see that something is wrong. Itching of the ears in cats can also be seen from the fact that they shake their heads frequently to get rid of a perceived foreign body. Also constant folding in the ears, you should recognize as a symptom of unpleasant itching.

itching ears in cats: Different causes

A first relatively harmless cause of itching in the ears in cats can be much earwax excessively. A look at the eavesdropper your room Tigers reveals the problem: you see a greasy, often dark lining. Thus, this will lead no inflammation, you should consult with your cat a vet who cleans the cats ear thoroughly. They may also carry out the treatment itself. However, you should be sure to show this by the vet how to do it and inform the proper means for cleaning the cat ears.

Does it smell already uncomfortable from the ear, it is probably already come to an inflammation. Find a veterinarian as soon as possible for a professional ear cleaning in order to prevent a more serious disease. Probably he is the animal also prescribe ear drops.

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itching caused by ear mites: Attention contagion


Particularly severe itching of the ears in cats can be caused by ear mites. The parasites are responsible for inflammation in the ear in about half of all cases. Affected velvet paws feel the itch often so uncomfortable that do not just turn on the ears scratching, but also completely uncoordinated in a circle. Outdoor cat thereof are more frequently affected than Stubentiger. The reason: The parasites are easily transferable from animal to animal. But not only that: the people, the ear mites in cats can transmit. Recognize in the ears, a black and crumbly secretion, this can be a clear sign of ear mites.

Are you looking for a veterinarian as quickly as possible to free their cat on one side of the parasite and the unpleasant itching in the ears. On the other hand, reduced rapid treatment, the risk that the parasites but family members will be transferred to other parts of the body, or to other animals. In addition, so decreases the likelihood that your feline friend soon infects another time.

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