When cats vomit. What you can do

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When cats vomit their owners wish, of course, that their pets goes well again as soon as possible. What you can do for it, depends on the cause of the symptoms from which, if sustained, should be discussed by the veterinary surgeon.

When cats vomit: What you can do
When cats vomit often helps foods and plenty of water.

If the vomiting in cats from time to time after eating because your cat tends to swallow, it helps if you give her to eat several small portions instead of many great. The cat food she gets, also should be always fresh and at room temperature. Another common cause for vomiting is getting rid of swallowed hair when cats are shedding.

When cats vomit in the change of coat: Tips

When cats vomit and the shedding is responsible, you can not do much about it and have it not, because this cause is harmless. Still, you can ensure that the formation of hairballs keeps a small scale and runs for the cat as uncomplicated as possible.

Malzpasten and dietary supplements for the hair change, cat grass and lots of brushes in this time support the four-legged and bend frequent vomiting before.

wormers, diets and foods

the vet diagnosed a worm infestation as the cause of your cat’s vomiting, a worm treatment is the right way to quickly get your cat’s recovery.

If no chronic disease to blame and her puss is by temporary symptoms again on the road to recovery, should initially only times ensure, in consultation with the vet a 24-hour-long starvation diet that is her sick cat feel better soon. < / p>

If you give her something to eat too early, it may be that they developed a food reactions or allergies that would require a lifelong diet food. Therefore you should be careful and the cat, even if they still want so much, at first give nothing.

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Slow transition to normal food

Then you can slowly start to feed from the vet or selbtgekochter foods in small portions again in the direction of a normal diet. Cooked rice, carrots, potatoes cooked in broth or chicken fillet (unseasoned) is now right for your ailing cat.

Please serving foods always room warm and watch it that the cat is drinking enough and the food is converted slowly to the improvement. Healthy diet should also remain eg hereby.