Why obesity is unhealthy for cats

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Obesity in cats is a serious problem, because unfortunately lives too chubby puss permanently dangerous. Sequelae, joint damage and a shorter life expectancy are not uncommon.

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Hunting, climb, jump: For overweight cats only half as easily.

Before it comes to overweight to consequential damages for Health, a not entirely insignificant point is the state of mind of the cat. This may in fact be significantly influenced by too much fat on the ribs, and so constitute a limitation of the quality of life of the animal.

Overweight: For cats a psychological burden

Cats are born adventurers. The desire to hunt, to climbing and to hide gets in the blood. Even one or two kilograms too much to the otherwise sleek and sophisticated animals thereby make clear to create and ensure that they can no longer fulfill their instincts.

This leads to frustration, inertia and malaise. The cat has her ideal weight after a successful diet again, watching many cat owners therefore not wrong to a significant increase of the joy of life: Suddenly her puss is back quietschfidel


Health risks for overweight cats

velvet paws, suffer permanently from obesity, but also to burden her body and her bones. The most common sequelae include diabetes, heart disease, liver damage, kidney failure, damage to joints and spine problems.

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Also, breathing problems and metabolic diseases that affect the skin and fur of the cat, are not uncommon. Circulatory problems are favored by the lack of mobility. These are all important reasons to take his overweight cat very seriously!

One should always remember that even one kilogram, which sits in a cat that has perhaps previously weighed five kilograms on the hips, a weight gain of around 20 percent accounts – no wonder it bothers her tremendously.