Why the vaccination in kittens is so important

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Why the vaccination in kittens is so important – Allcatsnames

The immune system of young kittens is not yet fully established. Therefore, the vaccination in kittens is particularly important. So the little puffballs can lead a healthy life from the beginning, you should comply with basic vaccinations.

Why the vaccination in kittens is so important
Why the vaccination in kittens is so important.

vaccinations as an important protection in puppies

In the first weeks after the birth of vaccination in kittens is guaranteed by the antibodies of the mother cat. The kittens they take on their mother’s milk and are initially protected. However, this type of immunization diminishes with time. The antibodies from the mother’s milk are less and not more rich for comprehensive protection from. But since just complicate these maternal antibodies forming an immunization through vaccination, kittens need to be vaccinated more frequently in succession initially. In this way you can reach a so-called booster – so gain – the vaccination until the antibodies from the mother’s milk are completely gone.

vaccination in kittens: That takes your kitten

Basically, there are two vaccines that are mandatory for all kittens – whether from their cozy house cat or outdoor cat to be active. Before cat flu and feline distemper, you should protect your little ball of yarn in any case. Both diseases can be transmitted without contact with other conspecifics. They themselves could carry the pathogen unintentionally on their shoes in your home. Here the vaccination as puppies is particularly important. The first prick gets your kitten at the age of eight weeks. A booster is given four weeks later. From then on an annual repetition of these vaccinations is enough to keep your little one from the worst. In some cases, only every two years must be vaccinated. For this, however, you should have a titer determination carried out by a veterinarian to ensure that immunization is persisting.