Worm treatment for cats. parasite be no chance

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A worm treatment for cats, precaution and acute worm infestation are administered. Find out here, in which case it is important and what types of wormers there.

Worm treatment for cats: parasite be no chance
worm treatment for cats: Especially important for Freigängern.

Without regular worming for cats, the parasites can quickly lead to serious problems. Outdoor cats and kittens are particularly at risk, but also indoor cats do not always remain spared, because worms are transmitted by fleas among others. After getting the parasites fetched only once into the house, serious complications can threaten. In addition, worms pose a threat to young animals, and even the cat owner. Therefore, it is useful to prevent a worm treatment for cats.

worm treatment for cats: The Right Time

A worm treatment for cats should be performed at least at a suspected worm infestation or a corresponding findings from the vet. To prevent the parasites from the outset, a regular worming is useful. It is common to deworm kittens for the first time at the age of four weeks and then again at the age of eight weeks. Indoor cats are usually wormed once a year, day release an average of two times a year. A good time for the worm treatment is one or two weeks prior to an upcoming vaccination in order to achieve the fully immunized.

What you should consider when administering a deworming

Discuss the mode of administration and the dosage with your vet first. The correct dosage of the preparation depends on weight and age of your cat. You should be determined by the veterinarian or removed from the package insert. Because treatment usually is very simple, you can administer at home that means your cat normally. There are various types of wormers for this purpose. Common are tablets, pastes and spot-on preparations, which you can get from your vet and in the pharmacy.

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worm treatment for cats in tablet form

The most economical way to give your cat a medicine against worms is the gift of tablets, which act either against a particular type of worms or were developed as a broad preparation. In the administration of tablets you are dependent on the cooperation of your office Tigers, because he has to eat them voluntarily. Not every cat can be hidden in food with a drug outwit, because some animals do not touch her food then on. In this case, you have better chances to make a paste or a spot-on preparation.

pastes and spot-on preparations for your cat

Such pastes are available in different flavors and are easily accepted by most cats. The most expensive option, the Cat to administer a worming, use Spot-on preparations that are on the skin (usually in the neck) was dropped and from there through the skin into the bloodstream. If you are not sure which product is best for your furry friend, you can be on the advice of your veterinarian.

If you have time, however, feel that it is very bad your favorite, then you can administer first aid using these tips.