Worms in cats. Symptoms

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worms in cats are common and are not only Freigängern a problem. Even indoor cats do not always remain immune from the common parasites. Precisely why cat owners should be sensitive to the symptoms of a parasite infestation.

Worms in cats: Symptoms
worms in cats: Affected Stubentiger often look tired and listless.

worms in cats are not always easy to recognize. Especially in the early stages hardly noticed it the worm infestation, also he can express itself quite differently. Decisive for the symptoms are only on the type of parasite various factors such as the health of the cat, its age and its resilience. A precautionary visit to the vet is advisable, if you discover one or more of the following characteristics of your pet.

worms in cats: Common Symptoms

Cats that have worms act, often weakened and tired. Your motivation decreases, the skin looks dull and shaggy. On the back it can cause hair loss. In young animals, a worm infestation sometimes leads to a bloated belly, while adult cats lose weight and can look emaciated. Poor wound healing and susceptibility to disease are also indications of a worm infestation. You should also consult a veterinarian if your cat frequently has diarrhea, vomiting and worm or blood in the feces has.

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Can clarify

symptoms of a worm infestation at the vet

An advanced worm infestation can cause anemia and various diseases of the animal concerned. Particularly hard it can meet young and weak animals. Therefore, the accurate diagnosis should ask a vet. He also clarifies to which worms are and what treatment steps are useful. To play it safe you go when you protect your pet from the outset with a worm treatment before the pesky infection. You can contact your veterinarian and at the pharmacy.