York Chocolate Cat


York Chocolate Cat

Do you want a cat chocolate or coffee with milk, then this cat is for you. After all, that is how the idea to create a separate breed chocolate color. And got a very beautiful cat with an unusual and very beautiful coat and good character

The history of the breed York Chocolate Cat

york chocolate In 1983, Janet Chifani in the US was a new breed of cats. Selection was carried out when the only female chocolate colored male kitten was born of the same color. Accurate information about the original rock progenitors York Chocolate is not. Presumably her ancestors could be Siamese and Persian cats. Name of cat received at the place of its appearance – New York.

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Features breed York Chocolate

york chocolate Cats York Chocolate breed has a long coat and a plain brown coat. Outwardly have similarity with Siamese cats. York Chocolate adult weight about 6-8 kilos. These cats have an oblong body with well-developed muscles. Rounded muzzle is located on a slender neck. Frontal lobe slightly sticks out and goes into the nose. The ears are large, wide-set. Shade your eyes from yellow to green. Certainly not a short and strong. Tail pointed straight to the bottom. The coat is long, there is no undercoat, soft to the touch and comfort. Sometimes there is a collar of fur.
York Chocolate Cat sociable, does not like to be in solitude. With family members get along great. The cat is almost impossible to disrupt. She is not aggressive. But loves to play and run.

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Features York Chocolate

The muzzle

rounded, protruding forehead. Nose smoothly into the forehead. Chin in line with the tip of his nose.


large, wide-set. Rounded at the ends.


large far-set, round. Yellow-green hue.




york chocolate Elongate. Aristocratic addition.


long with strong muscles. The presence of tufts of hair in the interdigital folds.


thick, hairy, tapering.


long soft fluffy, sometimes collar.


warm chocolate or lilac. As a child, lighter than that of an adult. In adult cats should not be drawing to color. Crossbreeding with other breeds is impossible.


Too oriental type cats. Not strong chin. Overweight body. Drawing on the body. White spots.


good, active. Not aggressive.

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