You need to know a cat pregnancy

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You need to know a cat pregnancy – Allcatsnames

A pregnancy is usually a joyous occasion, but that can also bring some difficulties. These things you should know to pregnancy of a cat.

You need to know a cat pregnancy
What is important, if a cat is pregnant?

While a cat is in heat, it can lead to pregnancy. Mostly it possible to determine the pregnancy after about three weeks. The safest, the vet may do so with an ultrasound. You should even be careful with the buttons: you could injure your cat pregnant or the boy. But enlarged and pink colored teats are a good sign of recognition for a pregnancy.

Pregnancy: This is what happens in the womb

The embryo in the womb of pregnant cat arises, however, much earlier: Two to three days after fertilization, divides the cell for the first time. The daughter cells divide also always on. After about two weeks of any resulting embryo implanted in the uterus. About two by three millimeters tall he is at this time only. After four weeks of pregnancy all the organs and body parts of the kittens are present at least in their system. The pregnancy of a cat takes about 63 to 65 days.

Domestic Cat: In this care they feel comfortable You need to know a cat pregnancy

The pregnant cat needs rest and plenty of food

It is important that you let the expectant mother cat largely in peace. Especially just before the birth, you should give it as much retreat. Because they will probably try to “nests” to build, where they can bring their young into the world.

During the whole pregnancy, it is important that the cat-names”>cat gets sufficient and above all high quality food. Your need for nutrients such as calcium and vitamin A is now particularly high.