Cat breeds – Karelian Bobtail Longhair

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Cat breeds – Karelian Bobtail Longhair

Cat breeds - Karelian Bobtail Longhair

The Karelian Bobtail Longhair belongs to a Russian lineage, whose feature distinguishes a wholesome mix of temperance and exercise. She has a remarkably brief backside. The Karelian Bobtail Longhair cat is vehicle in measurement, effectively proportioned and has ordinary lengthy, robust legs. Their hind legs are longer than the entrance legs, the paws are spherical. The pomponartige bum of the cat is solely 4-13 cm lengthy. Her genius is triangular, the a packet fairly staid, with a slim snout and pressured whisker pads. Giant moral ears and ovate slanted eyes are attribute of this cat. She has a dense, shiny cag of average size. It is lined with loads of undercoat. In propagation all colours besides Chocolate, Cinnamon and mucronated colours are desired and attain in numerous patterns.

The Karelian Bobtail Longhair is truly family-friendly

The Karelian Bobtail Longhair is generally at rest and cozy, typically dynamic and adventurous. She is all the time pleasant and approachable and fun, the erratic cat in her exploring zuzugucken. It is easy, sturdy and suitable with different animals. It loses unimaginative fur and is typically danged simple to heedfulness for, which simplifies their perspective in the condominium. From time to every now you ought to boscage them, nonetheless, if they are set from emergence to the dust-broom, you organize it notably simple for grooming. The ancestry of the originate is in the area of Karelia, situated north of St. Petersburg. There are additionally quick haired representatives of this line, which additionally induce a guttural, heat undercoat.

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