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Turkish Van cat Turkish Van - a uncommon originate of cat that is attribute of a extremely authentic colour: shade between the two ears, symmetrica [...]
Ural Rex cat Ural Rex kind belongs to the bracket shorthair cats. As a control, she, in 1991, was described in element O. Mironova. Cats affinity t [...]
Burmese (Burmezskaya) cat - Burma The ancestors of this cat is indubitably of japanese fountain-head, it is not recognized to this day. In accordan [...]
California Spangled California Spangled - it's fairly uncommon unique cat multiply. These animals look same related to the dominate leopard. Hollyw [...]
Courtesan cat It appears that the cats of this originate to conceive superior sculptor - versatile sturdy physique liking for a sleek caryatid. Cat [...]
Thai cats Most folks tangle up stock Siamese cats with Thai, assuming that all cats with unspeakable pan and paws and blue eyes possession of to [...]
1 13 14 15146 / 146 POSTS