Cleaning agents can be lethal for cats

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Cleaning agents can be lethal for cats – Allcatsnames

Many cleaning products are dangerous not only for children, but can also endanger the health of your cat. To protect your puss before cleaning solvents, you should not only keep safe, but be careful in the application. Finally, a cat grayling is quite curious.

Cleaning agents can be lethal for cats
cleaning agents can be lethal for cats.


Hazardous cleaning supplies and sort out

Modern detergents remove dirt, according to various advertising promises though almost by itself, but they contain but also often substances that can cause irritation or corrosive. You can identify these dangerous household helpers on the distinctive orange warning labels on the back. In one cat household you should not, ideally, this cleaning agent – or so apply that your feline friend is not damaged, because even small amounts can be toxic to the animal: for example, if it chose to tap through spilled washing powder and then licking their paws.

How to protect your cat from poisoning

Keep strong detergents therefore on in lockable cabinets: Frequently there are remains of the agent to the packaging, which may cause the mucous membranes by curious sniffing or licking. When brushing your house cat should not be close. Make sure that he is in another room so he can inhale toxic fumes. Then you should wipe and dry the treated areas thoroughly, so your cat lives safe.

If they poison despite all safety precautions with hazardous cleaning supplies to make the most quickly by vomiting or diarrhea noticeable. Bring it best to the vet immediately and take the packaging with the cleaner, so the vet can take the right measures.