Names that start with cat

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Names that start with cat

Naming your cat is a personal thing and it is not easy to find a perfect kitten name. Sometimes the name pops to your mind and sometimes you need a little inspiration. We have over 17.575 unique kitten names in our database, along with the meaning, gender and origin. Just browse Names that start with cat or filter the names by part of the names, we hope you get your perfect cat name here.

Name Significance (Origin) color
Alt-Deuteronimus Musical ” Cats ” – The ruler of the cats
Apollo * Greek God of the Arts and light
Apollo 13 * Donkeys in ” Der Schuh des Manitou “
Artemis Sailor Moon – the white catwhite
Attila * the Hun
Azrael The Smurfs – Gargamel’s catbrown
Bagheera Disney’s Jungle Book – The Black Pantherblack
Bailey’s * coffee liqueur – for something less skilled or turned over hangover:)added
Bajusz * Hungarian .: mustache
Berlioz Disney’s Aristocats – the songray
Baloo Disney’s Jungle Book – The Bearbrown
Blinky * The horse of ” death ” Terry Pratchett in Discworldwhite
Caruso * According to a very joyful – The Star-Tenor Hangover
Catbert from the comic Dilbert
Cheat * play .: eng wrong, cheat
Chester The Cat of Chief Engineer O’Brian (Deep Space Nine)
Chili * for a spirited cat (red hot chili pepper)red
Church (Winston Churchill) from Stephen King’s Pet Sematary
Clarence * the cross-eyed lion from Daktari
Claudandus * killer (cat) in ” Felidae “orange / brown
Crookshanks Harry Potter – Hermione’s cat (English version.)red
Diego * saber-toothed tiger from the movie Ice Ageorange
Dobby * house elf from ” Harry Potter “
Dopey * of a Schnewittchens Seven Dwarfs (German: Seppl)
Dragon Mrs. Brisby and the Secret of NIMH – the cat owner of the house
Dusty * engl .: dusty:)gray
Einstein * inventor of the theory of relativity or the professor’s dog in ” Back to the Future “gray / white
Felix … the cat (the Happy)black
Fidelio * Opera LvBeethoven – Fidelio is a man as dressed woman
Figaro Disney’s Pinocchio – Geppetto’s catblack
Filou * dog from Inspector Gadgetwhite
Findus * hangover from the children’s books ” Petterson and Findus “mackerel
Flubber for energetic jump-artistgreen: -)
Francis The (cats) Hero of the Felidae novels
Fritzi from the Children ” hangover Fritzi – a cat says “red
Fuchur Michael Ende’s Neverending Story – the lucky dragonwhite
Gandalf Lord of the Rings – The Wizardgray
Garfield from the eponymous comicorange
Gizmo * The Gremlins – the adorable little Gremlinwhite / brown
Greebo Terry Pratchett’s Discworld – hangover the Witchblack
Gus Musical ” Cats ” – The theater cat
Hamtaro Hamsters from the same japan. Animated serieswhite / brown
Heathcliff from the comic Heathclifforange
Hennessy from the Children ” hangover Hennessy “
Hercules * son of Zeus – for very strong cat
Hobbes the tiger from Calvin and Hobbesorange
Hodge The Cat Dr. Samuel Johnson
Homer * The father of the SimpsonsYellow
Humphrey Mice Catcher in the service of the British Prime Minister
Idefix * Obelix ‘doggywhite
Irusan Irish legend: the huge King of Cats, killed by a saint
Jack the cat Winston Churchill
Janosch * the hangover from the Tiger Duck Clubblack / yellow
Isaiah * Prophet u grave keeper in “. & Felidae quot;
Joker * cult leader in ” Felidae “
Jonesy Alien – the cat who survived with Sigorney Revieworange
Pete hangover from Mickey Mouseblack
Kimba * Animation: Kimba the white lion littlewhite
Kovu Disney’s The Lion King 2 – Kiara’s friendred
Crookshanks * Hermione’s cat in the Harry Potter novelsred
Jasper Tom’s name in the first Tom and Jerry cartoongray
Jellylorum of the cat T.S.Elliot
Leo * lat .: the Lionbrown
Lucky Alf – The Cat of the Tannerswhite
Lucifer Disney’s Cinderella – the cat family
or simply the Devil
Macavity Musical ” Cats ” – The villainred
Madcat Inspector Gadget – The cat of the villain
Meles * Latin: roof
Mephisto * Greek: devilblack / red
Merlin … the wizard of Arthurian legend
Micio * ital :. Kitten
Mickey * by Disney’s Mickey Mouse – for cats with black ears
Mikesch * ” according to the book; Kater Mikesch “black / white
m * ” according to the book; Mio, My Son ” by Astrid Lindgren
Mr. Bigglesworth Dr Evil’s cat from the movie ” Austin Powers “
Mr. Jingles * the mouse from Stephen King’s Green Milebrown
Mr. Mistoffelees Musical ” Cats ” – The magician
Mr. Tinkles * Persian cat and leader of the cat organization in Cats & amp; Dogswhite
Mufasa Disney’s The Lion King – Simba’s fatherred
Mungojerrie Musical ” Cats ” – Friend of Rumpleteazer
Murr * hero of the novel ” The Life and Opinions of Kater Murr ” of E.T.A.Hoffmannmackerel
Muschu * dragon from Disney’s Mulanred
Napoleon From the Children ” Napoleon, a Cat in the Hat stories “
Nathan … the way – for a particularly clever cat
Necco * japan cat .:
Neo * main character ” from Matrix ” (Deja vu with a cat)
Nero * ital .: Black, Roman, Emperorblack
Nermal Garfield’s most hated catgray
Nibbler * Leela’s pet in Futuramablack
Noah * the bibilsche Figure: builder of the Ark
Oliver kitten from Disney’s Oliver and Companyred
O’Malley Disney’s Aristocats – the alley catgray
Orion Man in Black – The cat with the galaxy’s collarorange / white
Othello * of the opera – for sangesfreudige catsblack
Pepper * engl .: pepper – for spirited catsblack
Pooh * Winnie the Pooh (the bear)yellow / brown
Poppel * A little pig (children’s book: Poppel – when friends help …)
Portus * of the Three Musketeers
Puss Puss in Boots from Shrek2red
Remy-Lemy from the Children ” Madame Tutu and the cat Remy-Lemy “
Riff-Raff from the Heathcliff cartoons
Rosso * ital .: redred
Rufus Disney’s Bernhard & amp; Bianca – hangover in the orphanageblack
Rum Tum Tugger Musical ” Cats ” – The Stubborn
Rusty * engl .: rustyred
Salem Sabrina – totally bewitched – the magician, world domination, the wanted to seize, turned into a black cat (Spoken: Selem)black
Solomon Quot from the Children ” Kater Solomon’s Mines “gray
Scar Disney’s The Lion King – Simba’s evil Unclered
Scat (Cat) Disney’s Aristocats – leader of the jazz band
Shadowfax * Lord of the Rings: Gandalf’s horsewhite / gray
Schrödinger of ” Schrödinger’s cat ” – A thought experiment
Scotty * Engineering of Enterprisered
Scratchy From Itchy & amp; Scratchy (Simpsons)black
New Year’s Eve Loony Toons – the hangoverblack
Silver * eng. Silversilver / gray
Shirkhan Disney’s Jungle Book – the dangerous Tigerred
Shadow * engl .: shadowgray
Simba Disney’s The Lion Kingred
Sitting Bull * The Indian chief – for very quiet catsred
Skimble Musical ” Cats ” – The cat of the railway
Smokie * eng. derived from smokegray
Snowball * cat ” Stuart Little “white
Socks * Bill Clinton’s cat
Solomon James Bond – Blofeld’s cat
Speedy * by the fastest mouse of Mexicowhite / gray
mirror based on the story ” quot mirror, the kitten ” by Gottfried Keller
Spock science officer of the Enterprise (with pointed ears :))
Stitch Disney’s Lilo and Stitch – the indefinable aliens Petsblue:)
Sulito * span .: Blue-Eyes
Sully (Sullivan) Disney’s Monsters, Inc. – the turquoise monster (the Girl calls him ” cat “)turquoise / purple)
Teddy * Teddy Bear – by Theodore Roosevelt (image in the Newspaper ” Teddy’s Bear ” next to a grizzly)brown
Tigger Disney’s Winnie the Pooh – Tigerorange
Tinkles from ” Cats & amp; Dogs ” – The cat world domination by the aimswhite
Tom cat from Tom and Jerry


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Toulouse Disney’s Aristocats – the sonbrown
Trim probably the first cat who sailed around the world
Weasley * by: Ron Weasley – Harry Potter’s best friendred
Winnie the Pooh * Pooh the Bearyellow / brown
Wotan * Germanic god
Willow * from the eponymous film
Wuscheltom Bruce Willis’ stuffed animal ” Last Boyscout “brown
Zorro The masked avengerblack