Russian cat names

Good names for cats

Russian cat names

Russian cat names

Some cats, particularly cats Russian ethnic breeds such as the Siberian, Neva Put-on pretend to be or Kuril Bobtail, I need to send a stable Russian (refers to anything related to Russia, including: Russians) title (for instance, I be acquainted with Nevas named Dobrynia, and the cat is named after Dmitry Medvedev Dorofei). In this listing we picked up for this a few tens of old Russian and old Slavic names: particularly these which are inappropriate to instantly communicate to thoughts. For the kit, you can see additionally the checklist of old Russian title for cats, ladies.

Russian cat names (name is a term used for identification)

A – B

Evil cat names

August Avdei, Averky, Averyan, Auxentios, Avtonom, Agathon, Haggai, Andrian, Azarias, Akim, Ambrose, Amos, Hanani, Andronicus, Anika Anisim, Antipov, Apollinaris, Apollo, Aref, Aristarchus, Askold, Athanasius, Afinogen

Bazhen (unfinished a baby, want) Beloslav (from “immaculate, whiten” and “Relish”), Berimir (winning caution of the area), Berislav (enchanting the effulgence of intriguing caution of illustriousness), Blahoslav (glorifying graciousness), Bogdan (this youngster of God ), Bogolyubov (loving God), God (expensive God), Bozidar (presupposed by God), Boleslav (overdone) Borimirov (fighter for accord, interceder), Borislav (fighter for the grandeur), Bojan (teller), Bratislav (From ” struggle “and” Exult “), Bronislaw (defender of splendour, celebrity Defender) Bryachislav (from the” noise-maker “and” Refulgence “), Budimir (Pacifier)

Proficient names for cats (cat (Felis catus) is a domestic species of small)

Barlaam, Bartholomew, Vaclav, Velimir (big existence) Velimudr (erudite) Velislav (extra show off naislavneyshy), Benedict, Wenceslas (devoted to the adoration, topped with exult), Veselin (cheery, blithe), Vissarion, Vlas, Vojislav (good warrior) Vorotislav (returns name), everybody (everybody’s favourite), Vseslav (vseslavyaschy well-known) Vysheslav

T – Z

Gavrila, Galaction, Gideon Godoslav a lot (expert, succesful), proud, Gorislav (enthusiasm raging in veneration) Gorynya (related difficulty, large, impenetrable) Gostemil (pricey pal (visitor)) Gostomysl (assume of different (Visitor)) Gradimir (peaceableness conserving) Gradislav (safe illustriousness) Granislav (improves repute) Gremislav, Gudislav (Blowing superiority), Guri

Daren (donated), Dement Dob (type and loving) Dobromila (form and candy), Dobromir (use and peaceable) Dobromyslov, Dobromyslov (esteemed and cheap), Dobroslav, Dobroslav (glorifying generosity) Domazhir, Domaslav (glorifying Tribal), Dorofei, Dragomir (extra costly of the out of sight), the cadre (companion) Dubyna (sort oak, unalterable)

Evlampy, Yevsei, Eustace, Yevstigney, Eleazar, Elisha, Epiphanes, Yermil, Ermolai

Zhiznomir (dwelling in the everyone), fat, Zhiroslav, Zlatomir (aureate in the seventh heaven) zawadzkii (zolototsvetnaya) Zosima

And – M

Isot, Izjaslav, Izjaslav (who took the revel), Hilarion, Hypatia Hypatia, Isidore, sparks (sparks) Istislav (identified for the fact)

Casimir, Callistratus, Capito, Gripe, Kasian, Claudius, Clementi, Krasimir (stunning and peaceable) Kupriyan

Laurus Ladimir (ladyaschy Terra), Ladislav (Lada clavyaschy (adulation)), Lazarus, Longinus, Lucian, Luchezar, favourite, Lubomir, Lyubomysl (loving muse) Lyuboslav (loving celebrity) Lyubosmysl

Martin, Marian, Methodius, Mieczyslaw, Milovan, Milovan (caressing, caring), Milorad (candy and jocund), Miloslav (pretty glorifying), congenial (peaceable), Myron, Miroslav, Mitro, Micah, not sounded (close-lipped, inactive)

N – C

Narkis, Nestor, Nicander, Nicanor, Nikiforov, Nicodemus, Niphon, Olympia, Onesimus, Onufry, Orestes, Ostromir

Pankratov Panteleimon, Panfil, Paramonov, parfaits, Relight (simple gentle), Polycarp, Porphyry, Provo, Proclus, Prokofiev, Putyata (affordable and peaceable)

Radigost (alluring punctiliousness of one other (Visitor)) Radimir (entrancing mindfulness of the excellent), Radislav, Radislav (captivating safe keeping of dignity), Radovan, Ratibor (defender), Ratmir, Rodislav (glorifying the genus), Rurik

Sawa, Savvaty, Samson, Svetislav (glorifying mild) Svetovid (seeing the mild, incisive), Svetozar (illuminating mild), Svjatogor (impregnable holiness) Sviatopolk, Selivan, Seliverstov, Seraphim, Seslav, Sigismund, Sidor, Pressure sealants, Sylvester, Simon, Slawomir (mirnoslavyaschy), Socrates, Solomon, Spiridon, Stanimir (establishing non-violent) station (robust, unbending) Sudimir, Sudislav

T – I

Tverdimir (from “laborious” and “peace-loving”), Tverdislav, Tvorimir, Tihomir (calm and peaceable), Trifon

Thaddeus, Fedotov, Theoktistos, Theophane, FERAPONT, Filaret, Philemon, Fiers, Florentin, Fock, Thomas, Fortunatus, Photios and Frolov Chariton, Harlampi, Christopher, Juvenal, Jakub, Januarius, Jari (the sun), Jaromir (photo voltaic superb), Jaropolk