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Cat breeds - British Shorthair The British Shorthair is a hush, balanced and awfully good household cat. Their fur is brief, tender and simple to [...]
Cat breeds - British Longhair The British Longhair is bred in the UK. The stillness, restrained cat is long-haired model of the in style British [...]
Cat breeds - European Shorthair The European Shorthair, additionally Celtic Shorthair (may refer to: American Shorthair (ASH), a breed of cat) is [...]
Cat breeds - Siberian cat The Siberian cat belongs to a breed that is shaped normally. She is from Russia and is not solely as a result of of the [...]
Cat breeds - Unique Shorthair cat The Unique Shorthair cat (Unique Shorthair) is one of a cozy home cat arise that originated in the US. It origi [...]
Cat breeds - German Longhair Cat The German Longhaired Tip (German Longhair Cat) is a unperturbed, cozy cat, which was bred till curtly after the [...]
Cat breeds - Egyptian Mau The Egyptian Mau is a swish, la mode cat with a noticed covering patterned. It is thought-about the quickest amongst t [...]
Cat breeds - Abyssinian The Abyssinian is a colleague of an historic stock that originates from Southeast Asia. Their similarity to the Puma make [...]
Cat breeds - Ural Rex Longhair The Ural Rex Longhair belongs to a new multiply from Russia, which was acknowledged solely in 2006. She has a folde [...]
Cat breeds - Australian Low-hanging cloud The Australian Over - additionally known as Australian covering cat - is an energetic, ecstatic pet and [...]
1 2 3 10 / 26 POSTS