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Cat breeds - European Shorthair The European Shorthair, additionally Celtic Shorthair (may refer to: American Shorthair (ASH), a breed of cat) is [...]
Cat breeds - German Longhair Cat The German Longhaired Tip (German Longhair Cat) is a unperturbed, cozy cat, which was bred till curtly after the [...]
Vaccination towards rabies: Obligatory in cats? - Allcatsnames When is a vaccination towards rabies in cats message? Though the virus illness is e [...]
American Shorthair cat American Shorthair cat - Allcatsnames Stock American Shorthair bred since 1965 in the In accord States. Externally, it is [...]
Burmese (Burmezskaya) cat - Burma The ancestors of this cat is indubitably of japanese fountain-head, it is not recognized to this day. In accordan [...]
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