Ukrainian Levkoy

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Ukrainian Levkoy

Hugely new, but definitely distinctive grow “Ukrainian Levkoy”, it has all the indicators of a bald cat (sphinx), and determined ears fellow a scottish-fold. The give rise to is now a interval of stabilization and perception, but one can already see the prospective course and improvement of such uncommon curiosity of the arise of cats.


ukrainian levkoy ukrainian levkoy Ukrainian Levkoy – unique species In the altogether Enwrap, centre measurement with lengthy versatile sinewy physique of a rectangular dimensions, smooth and heat to the contact, with extreme folded pores and skin. The spine of the center. A attribute characteristic Levkoev is lengthy, stale, angular form senior (dogface look) with a stepped make the most of, big but not extensively set in motion almond-shaped eyes. Complete voluptuous dimorphism. Wallflowers friendly, communicative, tied to the man.

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For the laying of the essential blood plumb b in agreement cultivate cats Ukrainian Levkoy had been attracted Scottish Clip (Go bankrupt) (pure supreme mutant gene lop-eared Fd, is accountable for the bending of the ears) and Sphynx ( bare) (the commanding pure mutant bald-pated gene Hrbd, is accountable for hairlessness).

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When creating wallflowers, the following breeds: Sphynx, Peterbald, Oriental, Scottish Gather, Persian, dwelling. Cross-breeding was carried out with a twofold goal. The to begin purpose – to destabilize the genome. Ie, utilizing as a rock-forming, two mutations – Crease and bald-pated, “sculpt” the strain had to par. Not as the sum of the two species, as mentioned atop, and get a comfortable, flexible “carbuncle of clay”, is simply treatable. Enriched gene swimming-pool metizirovannogo zoological unstable genome transfer extra alternatives for “maneuver”.

Historical past

ukrainian levkoy Pan out on the type was began in 2000. Elena Biryukova Vsevolodovna the thought to develop a cat, which would partake of each a signal of go broke and would be disadvantaged of wool. Furthermore, it ought to not be simply a lop-eared Donchak, or bare scottish go bankrupt. This ought to be a new authentic finished with its distinctive, particular traits. It ought to be recognizable. Sketches look cat species characterization and choice of genotypes, reflecting the phenotype fulfilled felinolog Elena Biryukova Vsevolodovna (kennel «Ladacats» Kiev, Ukraine, ICFA RUI Rolandus Graft Worldwide). The senior recorded gentility fee ICFA RUI Cat Ukrainian (may refer to: Something of, from, or related to Ukraine) Levkoy (Ukrainian Levkoy (Ukrainian: Український левкой) is a cat), nicknamed «Levkoy Primero» was born January 21, 2004.

In 2008, in a selection of feline organizations of Ukraine and Russia are extra than 200 people of this lineage of cats, multifarious of them Ukrainian wallflowers in the fourth technology. A number of dozen cats already dwell outdoors the departed CIS.

ukrainian gillyflower The first nursery naked Go to the wall cats in Russia «HELEN GRIGS» (St. Petersburg) was registered 14 October 2006.

ukrainian levkoy

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