Bombay cat

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Bombay cat

Little Panther with a little tight, black and shiny fur is a breed – Bombay. For India kitty irrelevant. Black in this cat are also the nose and limbs. Eyes are orange-yellow. Nikki Horner is the main breeder Bomeyskoy rocks leading back to America in the 1950s. Bombay tiny with huge eyes. Good refers to human society as well as to dogs and other cats.

History of Bombay

bombay In the US, Nicky Horner embody the idea of ​​removing a small copy of the home Panthers. Were chosen for crossing Burmanskoy breed cats and American Shorthair. Excretion: Bombay took 4 generations, but the result was obtained. Miniature panther had similar wool, like a real panther. 23 years after the start of work the breed was recognized.
Bombay similar to the Burmese, but last a shorter body, shorter limbs and feet of the nose is more pronounced.
Dominant gene in the breed gives black. In the recessive allele is “sable” Therefore when crossed two dominants in the litter may appear recession. And when crossed recessive and dominant – only one kitten inherits a dominant gene.
Cats with recessive coat color are not displayed at exhibitions. The only organization allowed to “sable” is TICA. Bombeytsy and Burmese cats of this color are difficult to distinguish.
In the CFA Bombay was officially recognized only in 1976.

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On the species

bombay There are 2 types of Bombay cats:
British Bombay cat – manual is the result of information similar to cats Burmese cat. This type includes a variety of Asian groups.
The American Bombay is the result of information cat – Burmanskoy with American Shorthair.
In England and the United States have adopted different standards for Bombay.
By not vvyyasnennym reasons certain part of kittens born with a defect of the breed. They incorrectly develops facial skull. Usually these kittens are euthanized after birth.
Bombeytsy reach sexual maturity early. But unlike puberty physical achieved not so fast. Cats cats less standard 1-2 kg.
Bombay very vociferous. Like to communicate with the hosts. As well, these cats love the warmth and comfort. Often bask under the lamp on sunspots and near heating appliances.

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Character Bombay

bombay Bombeytsy is very tame cat. They are capable of long time to be in tactile contact with the owner. Loneliness brings hard. Likes to be the epicenter of events. Amicably with the whole family, but usually distinguish one person in particular. On the other pets can easily find a common language. Do not like rough handling, can look inward. Overall, a very quiet and domestic cats. They even attracted virtually no street.
Bombay enough to eat much. Rarely neglected another unscheduled portion. In consequence it is possible to excessive weight gain, which may lead to low mobility, and other illnesses.

Standards Bombay

The body of a small, graceful stretched torso. Decent muscle tone.
The muzzle is rounded, with a small krpnymi features. There is a slight stop.
The ears are also small, slightly rounded at the tips and set wide apart.
The eyes are large, widely spaced. Colour yellow-orange eyes.
The body of normal size, with no small protruding breastbone, flat back.
bombay Paws average, graceful and strong, rounded at the ends.
Tail smooth, medium size.
fur rather short, thick, shiny, tightly adhering to the body, soft to the touch. Colour – black shiny.
Defects Crooked tail. Incorrect number of toes.
Disqualifying indicators nose and paws are not a primary color, emerald eyes, an incorrect bite, too strong feet, crooked tail, blotches of different color in coloring

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bombay The Bombay cat is exposed to moult. This “happiness” awaits you around the end of the first year of life. At this time, it is necessary to arm and systematically comb to comb your pet. The point is not tricky, and much difficulty does not arise.
So, it would be very useful to periodically bathe the animal. Especially before the show. Dried up, you can rub the fur terry cloth that she shone and shimmered in the sun.
The same care is stimulated food restriction, if the animal is heavily plumped. Better to feed specialized feed. If this is not possible, then follow the ratio of protein and fiber in the diet of 1: 4
Special attention should be paid to the eyes and ears of the animal. The presence of mites can be detected if observed that the cat often pays ears vnimanie – shakes sludge scratching them. To avoid the formation of pustules in glazah – should be periodically cleaned with a soft marlyachkoy soaked in warm green tea. You can also use a special rinsing of drugs. In this breed quite pronounced stop. In this connection, there may be problems with breathing.

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