Maine Coon cat

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Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon – a very peculiar cat has to itself. This cat can get on such seemingly incompatible qualities of pride and independence with the softness and tenderness. This cat is very intelligent and generous. A cat external data very attractive.

History of Maine Coon

maine coon In the mid-19th century in the United States, a new breed Maine Coon (Maine raccoon cat). Maine coon immediately earned the love and recognition.
There are several theories about the origin of the breed. One of which, on a romantic attachment to the raccoon cat female. Perhaps the help of this theory was the tail striped maine coon. Another theory suggests as a partner for the cat is not a raccoon, and catamount. The basis for this theory were the tassels on the ears of a cat. Both theories are a kind of legend that could not take place because genetic similarity of these species are not doing that they have common offspring impossible.
Maine Coons in fact – it is an urban branch of cats that developed naturally. Over time, the Maine Coon cats are accumulating strength and power, adapting to the cold climate.
maine coon For a long time Maine coons settled on farms and the owners helped with catching mice. These cats are real hunters. One Maine Coon used in the UK to get rid of the invasion of mice and rats. Non-domesticated cats survive on farms and in the streets, with each generation becoming more attuned to such a life.
At the exhibitions in North America in the late 19th century the main winners were cats Maine Coons.
In the future popularity of Maine Coons declined because of the spread of imported Persian cats on the continent.
In the middle of the 20th century in North America formed a club of fans of the Maine Coon. In the future, there is the same association. Both organizations have conducted a number of standardization in the breed Maine Coon. In the late 20th century Maine Coons were officially recognized as a breed exhibition international organizations.
Maine Coon – the pride of the American cat lovers.

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About the breed Maine Coon

Maine coon not been bred artificially people. These cats during natural evolution acquired its own characteristics. The word “Maine Coon” breed named because of color, similar to the color of enota. Meyn Coon cat hardened life’s difficulties with a small head and a peculiar elongated and extended snout, large wide-set ears, slightly slanted eyes big, broad strong torso, large and far-set legs, elongated and fluffy tail, thick, soft fur does not get wet.
Do Maine coons elongated body with a volume sternum and they are incredibly strong and flexible.
But, despite this, the worship of these cats do not deserve the power and obedience and affection. Farm owners are happy with catching mice that carry out their cats maine coon, notice what these cats are kind and smart. Maine coons seemingly serious and militant, but in fact they are not aggressive. These cats live well in families with other pets and small children.
Features Maine – Coons is an original outline of the muzzle, trunk, ears and fur texture.
The muzzle is slightly stretched in the horizontal position is stronger than in the vertical, with a slight bend side view and strongly prominent cheekbones. Ears are large and extended from the bottom, set high and strongly pubescent. Ears distinctive brush. The neck is small. Elongated torso, chest volume. The tail is equal in length to the body.
The tail of this cat is very important, as is the main means to keep warm in the snow. Cat tail winds around the body and thus retains heat from the cold ground. So do the other mammals have bushy tail. Just long tail is a kind of a steering wheel in motion control.
Kuna thick fur meyn – no longer on neck and shoulder blades grow longer and slightly to the rear, which promotes rapid passage through the thickets and thicket. Maine Coon cats have fur waterproof, more help to survive this cat.
In the Maine Coon is very large mustache. This is another feature of its adaptability to the external environment. Hunt at night, mustache as radar helped them avoid obstacles.
Maine Coons are considered by adults only to 4 years. Weight of adult cats up to 15 kg, and cats a little less. Despite its size cats differ kindness and peacefulness.

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Character Maine Coon

maine coon Maine Coon – a very peculiar cat has to itself. This cat can get on such seemingly incompatible qualities of pride and independence with the softness and tenderness. This cat is very intelligent and generous. The timbre of the voice is not annoying cat ears. He was very pleasant and musical. Maine Coon cat is not suffering a fit of rage and screams.
The cat did not differ stalwart intelligence and wit. Manners Maine Coon very aristocratic. Maine Coon cats do not even separated from their offspring. These cats do not perceive their kittens as rivals, and even participate in their upbringing. What is very rare in the cat world. Also, cats maine coon excellent job with the role of other small children.
Maine Coons are friendly with everyone who lives with him under the same roof. But the owner and the favorite chosen one. The guests forgiving and accurate.
Cat Maine Coon has an excellent memory. Very soon the kitten begins to remember all your tone and mood, and he knows at what point in the story itself as.

Standards breed Maine Coon

maine coon General: Maine Coons are large enough with a rectangular line of the skull, the ears large, bulky chest, broad bone, elongated strong and muscular body and a big fluffy tail. Energy and muscle strength Maine Coon creates the impression of power.
Head: small, in the shape of a square with a side trim to bend transition.
Forehead: gently rounded.
Cheeks: high cheekbones and protruding.
Muzzle: a small rectangular outlines
Chin: strong at the same level with the nose and lips
Ears: extended at the base and much more. At the tip of a brush. Fur ear visible from the outside. Average planted. Tall, with a turn out.
Eyes: large and spaced far. Slightly rounded, slightly slanting chut. Colour of eyes the most diverse. According to color hair and eyes can not be traced. Welcome monochromatic color eyes.
Neck: strong, muscular.
The body: strong, stretched, wide bones, muscles well developed, the bulk of the sternum. Size large. The body is like a box
Feet: Strong, with a rather short hair between the toes.
Tail thick at first, gradually tapering towards the end. Very fluffy and long.
Coat: very dense, but the muzzle and the blades are not long, it becomes a shaggy on the sides, hind legs and belly. The texture of the wool is soft and tender. Undercoat velvet.
The colors of wool involves all possible colors. Not a defect of any white spots and medallions.

Care and Maintenance for Maine Coons

maine coon The natural habitat for the Maine Coon is nature. Therefore, the street cats feel fine. But despite this, they do not run away from their masters, for that would take a walk. Maine Coons and in bad weather on the street feel comfortable, these cats are not afraid of rain and snow.
Just amazes love Maine Coons to the water. Cats are happy to splash and frolic in the water, even if at this time tinder sponge. Maine coons though have long hair, but they do not need to arrange cleaning and brushing too often. These cats are not demanding to care.
Maine coons are active and adventurous. Cats will always be on the side of the house where there is something interesting. But these cats definitely need to move. And in a small apartment it will be hard.

What is considered a defect in the cat Maine Coon:

disproportion torso too small cats, big head, flat or curved profile, stop, strongly prominent whisker pads. Spherical or sharp muzzle, sharp chin, far apart ears, almond-shaped eyes, elongated legs, tail rather short, short hair, wool and evenly distributed.

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