How to choose a name to a Siamese cat

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How to choose a name to a Siamese cat

Once in your home appeared siamese kitten-girl, you can immediately begin to choosing a name, because it is an interesting and exciting experience. Above all, remember that her name should characterize siamese not at the moment, while she – the kitten, and in adulthood.

Siamese cat names

Names that are perfect for a Siamese cat, very much, and it is better to pick up so that it fits the color.

Unique cat names

If you focus on the eye color of the animal, which impresses with its clear blue color, it can be called a cat Columbine, Vasilisa, forget-me, Helga, morning glory, Virginia, turquoise, hope.

If you want to name the cat, focusing not on the exterior, but on the character, you can emphasize its positive qualities, or call her calm name that will soothe fidget. For this fit the names Shem and Seurat.

How can you call siamese? The options are many, but there are the most common names are: Bagheera, Puma, Simba or Samba, Josephine, Margaret and Verbena. But there are cases when the owner did not come up with something exotic and named her favorite Masha, Dasha or Murka.

If the cat has the pedigree, the documents for many owners come up with interesting and long names, and in the daily life of a cat called simply abbreviated name.

If you choose a nickname on the specifics of behavior, then you can opt for one of the following: Besya, Best, Werth, Harmony, Diva, Lady, Lusk, Mira. Madnooa, Nezhka, Murli, Rada, Bullet, FIFA or Sonia.

Sometimes the owner can assign a name to her favorite, starting from her addictions. For example, caramels, toffees or Cherry.

Russian cat names

Names Siamese cat – girls can be taken from famous movies or cartoons, as well as literary works. They are gonna, Padma, Leia, Masjanja, Nyusha, Medea, Alice, Aurora, Laura, Jasmine, Wendy, Juno, Margot, Isolde, Scarlett, etc.

Lately it has become fashionable to call cats after famous women. The most common nicknames Siamese cats in this case – Bridget, Agatha, Christina, Djakonda, Lauren, Lyme, Merlin, Sophie, Penelope, Alla.

How to choose a name to a Siamese cat

The main thing when choosing a name for a Siamese cat – focus on those features by which it differs from the other cats. It may be not only data, but also character traits of an animal.